Wooden Staircase: 6 Ideas To Elevate Your Home Design


A wooden staircase (บันไดไม้จริง, which is the term in Thai) is a safety feature of your home. Moreover, it adds a design to your living space. Whatever you choose- traditional, contemporary or modern- a stair handrail (ราวจับบันได, term in Thai) is a great combination to uplift your home design. You can combine wood and metal or glass and wood to give a smooth finish to your home. Here is a list of ideas that you can use to enhance the look of your home.

1.         Rainbow Design

The look of an ordinary wooden staircase is enhanced by painting the handrail in vibrant shades of rainbow color. With the rest of the handrail painted white, it looks magnificent with the lively colors.

2.         Glass

If you want a minimalistic approach, you can install clear glass panels sketched with a simple metal frame. It makes the space light and airy. Furthermore, the lighting under the stairs adds a subtle look to the whole space.

3.         Modern Metal

The modern metal stair handrail pops up the white walls of the entry gate. It complements the whole black-and-white look of the house. It is one of the best ideas that you can use to elevate your home design.

4.         Rustic Design

The rough wooden beams blend all the components of the rustic home. This design makes the interior look more natural. It also adds a visual appeal to the whole look of the house. If you are fond of a little rustic look, You can go with this style.

5.         Wooden Curves

The spiral staircase gives a dramatic look to space. The same wood can be used to make the curves of the staircase. The highlight of your living space is this sinuous structure. Thus, this simple, sophisticated, and beautiful staircase design enhances the look of the house.

6.         Craftsman

This style of staircase railing integrates the double-toned wood panels with geometric cuttings. The wood color paneling on the walls throughout the entry wall complements this Craftsman look. Moreover, the stained glass added to the cutouts changes the feel of the whole design.


Though staircases are the highly functional unit of the house, they can enhance the appearance of the house. From mesmerizing glass designs to the wooden craft, there are over millions of ideas that you choose. So, if you are remodeling your house or are going to do in the future, do consider these designs for a more convenient as well as modern look.