Why Renting Corporate Housing in Residential Areas Is Better Than Staying at a Hotel

If you’re coming to Houston for an extended business assignment, your choice of housing could have a marked effect on your time here. You have a choice between hotels and motels, and renting a corporate apartment situated in a residential area. Even if your stay isn’t going to be for that long, corporate furnished apartments Houston short term are a much better choice precisely because of their residential locations.

Better Grasp of Neighborhoods and Traffic Patterns

If your move is meant to be long-term, but you’re not sure which neighborhood would suit you the best, then staying at a hotel in a part of town that’s clearly commercial and filled with hotels and motels lining the main boulevard isn’t going to let you see what a residential neighborhood in Houston can be like. Your commute time to your job may be skewed because you’re already likely near a freeway — in other words, you don’t have that extra time it takes to drive from a home to the freeway — and the noise level could be vastly different.

When you rent a corporate apartment that is in a residential neighborhood, you can see what rush-hour traffic is like away from commercial districts and how quiet or active that part of town can be. You get a better sense of what it’s like to live in Houston as a resident, rather than just as a hotel guest.

They’re Often Quieter

Speaking of different noise levels, hotels — even residential-inn types — tend to be in more commercialized zones with a lot of activity. There can be a lot of traffic late into the night, and your “neighbors,” meaning other guests, could be walking past your room at all hours. When you stay at a corporate complex in a residential area, however, you’re in a part of town that’s designed for people who generally are home at night and not constantly on the move. While a residential neighborhood can certainly be noisy, the overall atmosphere is different. If you want to live in a part of town that is more peaceful, a corporate complex in a residential area is more likely to offer that environment.

More Like a Real Home

When you’re staying in a hotel, you know you’re in a hotel. You could have a suite with a nice little living room and kitchenette, but it is still obvious that you are in a hotel room meant for temporary stays.

That won’t be the case with a corporate apartment. This is a full apartment with a full-sized kitchen and bathroom, and all of the features you’d expect in an apartment. You’ll have more privacy, and most importantly, you’ll have a space that looks and feels like an actual home and not just a temporary place to stay.

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