What to Expect With Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are probably the most used space in a home, especially in proportion to their size. Probably that’s why people want it to be their inner sanctum where they can wash away the day’s stress and relax to their heart’s content. This could be a reason that makes bathrooms the most transformed among all other spaces in a home, today. The scenario for bathroom renovations is no different in Melbourne. But what should one expect when hiring bathroom renovators in Melbourne? Shared here are some guidelines that can help homeowners plan the renovation of the bathrooms in their homes in a better and more informed manner.   

  1.       Interviewing a couple of bathroom renovators

In a home, few rooms can rival the bathroom when you consider how the confined bathroom spaces play home to a lot of intricate systems – from electrical and lighting fixtures to plumbing, HVAC, cabinetry, special flooring, and more. Thus, before starting bathroom renovations, you should check out a few experienced bathroom renovators with a solid portfolio of similar work, timely completion, and robust referrals.

You can visit the website of the short-listed renovator to request a quote and even ask for details and photos from their past projects, especially the ones that are similar to what you are planning to do. Referrals are a great way to find reliable bathroom renovators. You may even interview your short-listed bathroom renovators to get a feel of how they work, their attitude when dealing with prospective customers, and try to find out what to expect when you hire them for your bathroom renovation project.

If something feels amiss or if you notice some red flags, it’s better to move on to the next renovator. Even when everything is good, before signing, it’s important to examine all the documents carefully and understand the deliverables with respect to costs, timelines, materials to be used, and warranties, among others.

  1.       Renovations are a noisy and messy affair

Melbourne Bathroom Renovations are bound to be noisy and messy though it would all be temporary. When remodelling a bathroom, you can expect:

  •         Carpentry
  •         Plumbing work
  •         Electrical rewiring and upgrading
  •         Demolition work, which could involve pulling out the bathtub, shower, sink, toilet, drywall, floors, etc.
  •         Painting
  •         Changes to the tiling and ceramics
  •         Installation of new lighting, drywall, fixtures, etc.

With so much happening at a time, mess and noise are inevitable. Though experienced bathroom renovators will put up barriers to keep dust away, some will manage to escape and reach your ears. But this shouldn’t make you shun Bathroom Renovations because reputed and reliable bathroom renovators will take every precaution to reduce stress and discomfort and even clean up thoroughly after their work is finished.

  1.       Be ready for the unexpected

Since bathrooms have multiple intricate systems running through them as mentioned earlier, renovating them is tricky. Homeowners should expect the unexpected as one or the other element among these may not go according to the precise plans laid out by the bathroom renovators. Yet, there’s no need to panic as a reliable and experienced renovator will work closely with you, discuss new ideas or solutions when the unexpected happens, and help in making the right decisions.