What is thermowood decking?

Thermowood is heat and pressure-treated timber. The purpose of the treatment is to remove the moisture from the wood, making it long-lasting. The treatment is done without the use of chemicals. Thus, thermowood is an excellent environmentally friendly choice for homeowners looking for cladding and decking materials.

The biggest advantage of using thermowood for decking is that the wood will retain its shape through all the seasons. thermowood also does not require much maintenance. Light maintenance done from time to time will help the would retain its original color and prevent the splintering and cracking that have been typically observed in decks made of wood over time.

If the thermowood is left untreated, it tends to turn into a silver-grey color due to the reaction of the wood surface with UV rays. You do not have to be worried about the decaying of wood if the color changes. The change in the wood color has no effect on the resistance of the wood to decay. Are you looking to get thermowood decking done for your house? Check out https://litcore.ie/thermowood/decking.

When thermowood is the decking material, you will have to provide the surface with certain protective agents to ensure durability. This is because horizontal surfaces are subjected to more wear and tear due to the changing weather. However, you do not have to care for the deck every week or month. You only have to perform surface treatment using terrace oil every two years.

Caring for the deck after installation of thermowood

If you wish to have the wood look brown in color for a long time, treat the terrace immediately once the installation is complete with terrace oil that is brown pigmented. Make sure that the oil you use is meant for thermally modified wood. Check for the availability of the shades at your paint shop. You can keep the terrace soil with you and use it to coat the terrace every two years.

If you want to go for the grey look of Thermowood, you can use terrace oil that is clear in color. The use of transparent oil will also slow down the weathering of the color to Gray. Thus, it may take a few years for the brown color to turn into Gray.


You can conduct basic maintenance of the deck by brushing away any loose material that might be on the terrace. Following this, wash the terrace with a spray of water. Pressure washing is not a recommended option since it can cause splintering. Once you have washed the deck and it is dry, apply the terrace oil.

Using Thermowood for decking is not only a cost-effective option, but it is also very aesthetically pleasing. You can either allow the wood to weather naturally into a grayish color or apply the terrace oil and maintain it in the brown woody color. Whether you choose to keep your deck brown or let it become grey, the deck will last for a long time with thermowood.