Types of wire mesh

Sometimes referred to as wire mesh in certain applications, not only protect visitors, employees, and residents from direct sunlight but also make the facility much easier to find. You can create an image that draws. The mesh can effectively play a variety of roles within the structure, defining individual areas of the building and also protecting the most private areas from open work floors.

Different types of wire mesh patterns:

  1. Open mesh pattern

The open pattern acts as a physical barrier, whether attached to a railing, acting as a wire mesh fence or security screen, or dividing a portion of the interior space, while providing a large amount of air. Provides access to flow and light. Some degree of visibility often helps customers with a preview of upcoming appointments or prevents workers from turning corners or blindly crossing driveways.

The more open mesh can also act as a sunscreen in certain areas, such as the developed center or the ground floor of a central business district building. Depending on the direction the building is facing, the amount of direct sunlight it receives each day, and the temperature and lighting required, the open pattern can serve as a sunscreen.

One area where you need to pay attention to these patterns is the function of a privacy screen. Being alone provides some visibility. However, if the main purpose is to prevent sound propagation, it can be combined with other elements such as glass panels.

  1. Closed mesh pattern

A pattern that holds more metal in place can be achieved with a metal mesh that is particularly extended among other options, emphasizing discretion. Whether your facility needs to meet privacy guidelines or requirements or wants to divide your space more clearly, as is common in healthcare facilities, kindergartens, and child care centers, reducing open patterns will achieve this goal. I can do it.

In some cases, it is important to limit the amount of sunlight that passes through the wire mesh. If the material plays an important role in thermoregulation, the orientation of the surface it covers and the average exposure to sunlight can mean reducing the amount of visible light that passes through. The right place and the choice of materials are best for everyone.

Dongfu ring mesh supply can also be used to protect offices, corridors, meeting rooms, and some or all other areas that require a balance of openness and privacy expectations.

  1. Wire mesh curtain

Curtains, which are more flexible than fixed wire mesh installations, can include unique features, or movements, depending on the installation method. By placing the wire mesh curtain on the sliding track, you can easily divide the space as needed. Whether you’re in the retail business to ensure airflow and privacy, or you want to separate different pieces of equipment in your office space, there are many applications where metal mesh curtains can play an important role.