Trimmer vs Shaver: Who wins the battle?

A man is known for the beard he keeps” This saying holds true in every possible way.

The gadget used for it is either a shaver or a trimmer. If you are on our page to understand the difference between a trimmer and a shaver you are on the right track. The war between the two never seems to end. Which body groomer should men use? Let’s find out.

Types of Trimmers

Let’s get one thing straight, if you are looking to grow facial hair in the right shape and style then a trimmer is what you need. Which is the best trimmer for men?

Here are the types of trimmers one must know about.

  • Hair Trimmers

Hair trimmers are meant for general use. These trimmers can be operated on any body part and are not specific. They can be used by women and men. However, we are all aware that the skin and texture of the hair is different on each body part, right? So using a hair trimmer meant for one hair and skin type can be harmful to the other body part. So let’s not play with our sensitive skin and avoid using them.

  • Nose and Ear Trimmers

These trimmers are solely fabricated with special blades for sensitive areas. The skin on our ears and inside our nostrils is very delicate. Hence, we need to use a trimmer especially meant for it. These trimmers are designed in small sizes to provide a lot of ease while removing the hair inside the ears or nose. These trimmers can also be used to shape the eyebrows.   

  • Beard Trimmers

As the name suggests, these trimmers are designed especially for trimming of beard. Beard trimmers are most commonly used amongst men. A good looking beard can transform the entire look of a man and hence a beard trimmer is an ever-useful companion of a man.

Looking for a well styled beard? A good quality beard trimmer is all you need. These trimmers come with different settings and will meet all your desired requirements. Whether you are looking to have a long beard or a short and stubble look, a beard trimmer will do it all. They are either battery operated or need to be powered in.

  • Bikini Trimmers

Bikini trimmers are especially designed for trimming the public hair of women. Experience a painless and quick procedure with these trimmers. These models are invented for a neat and clean result in the bikini area. Women can also operate these trimmers on delicate areas like underarms and groin. Application of hair removal creams on sensitive areas can lead to allergies and redness. So we would recommend using the bikini trimmer instead, as it’s safer and more efficient.

Quick Difference- Trimmer vs Shaver

Attributes Trimmer Shaver
Purpose Maintaining a style Getting a clean shave
Efficiency Less aggressive More aggressive
Alternative Scissors Razors
Technology Self-sharpening blades Ultra-technology blades
Runtime Medium High
Result Not for smooth shave Clean and smooth shave

What is a Trimmer?

A trimmer is an equipment which is meant for trimming the existing hair. The main aim behind using a  trimmer is not getting rid of the hair completely but only to trim it. Trimmers are equipped with attachments which would help you get the desired length. They also come along with speed settings for better results. Trimmers are small in size and very comfortable to use. In addition to shaping the beard (which is most common), you can use a trimmer for reduction of chest hair, underarm hair and other public hair.   

The good side?

  • Trimmers are gentle on skin. They will not lead to scratches and cuts on the skin.
  • Trimmer prevents ingrowth of hair.
  • A trimmer is equipped with stainless steel blades which makes it resistant against rust and hence durable.
  • Using a trimmer will help you attain detailed trimming.
  • You can get a hassle free trimming experience since a trimmer is highly portable and light in weight. You do not have to carry other equipment along with the trimmer.
  • A trimmer is the most versatile tool since it comes along with various attachments.

The bad side?

  • A trimmer will not help you achieve a clean shave look.  It can be used only for trimming and precise styling but not to remove hair completely.
  • A trimmer cannot be used on wet hair.
  •  A trimmer can leave you with some leftover hair which may cause you some redness or itchiness.

What is a Shaver?

This is a tool used to completely shave off hair from your face or body. They are not fabricated with different designs for your body parts. Manual shavers are known as razors. They are made from manual blades and do not require to be charged.  Electric shavers can help you achieve a clean look without too much hassle. They are equipped with a powerful motor.

The good side?

  • A shaver will help you have a control over your stubble.
  • Shavers are extremely long lasting.
  • A shaver can be used on wet and dry hair.
  • A shaver can leave you with no skin irritations, making it more user friendly.
  • A clean-shaved look in no time.
  • Disposable razor heads will keep you away from acne.

The bad side?

  • Shaving can aggravate your hair growth.
  • Shaving can cause your skin to get rough.
  • Shaving can lead to possible bleeding.

Our Final Thoughts:

So what’s better- a trimmer or a shaver? This debatable question has no clear answer. They both have similar features and a few distinctive differences. Both the body groomers are a man’s best friend. However, you need to choose depending upon your requirement.

If you are looking only to get a clean save look, then a  shaver is what you need to get. But if you are looking to get a modern look by styling your beard differently, then indulge yourself in a trimmer.

So choose your device wisely!