Top 5 Industries in Jacksonville

Are you currently looking for a job or new career path? If you are in the Jacksonville area, you will want to focus your sights on the following industries that are thriving and expected to continue to grow in the upcoming years.


With the warm climates that Florida sees for a majority of the year, it isn’t surprising that its agricultural industry is booming. Focusing on areas of horticulture by producing various fruits, vegetables, and more, Florida has ranked as first and second in the U.S. in the value of production of numerous products such as oranges, grapefruits, and tomatoes. But it is not only limited to freshly grown produce; they also lead an impressive livestock industry, as well.

Natural Resources

The natural gas industry has offered thousands of jobs to Jacksonville and surrounding-area residents. With such a positive business industry, companies such as GE have invested millions of dollars into advanced manufacturing facilities and technologies so that natural resource products can be developed and marketed faster.


Another top industry in the Jacksonville area is construction. The development of new businesses, additions to businesses, and the need for ongoing maintenance and repairs in the large business district helps keep construction workers busy. Not to mention, Florida’s ongoing desire from tourists increases the demand of ongoing hotels being developed.


Due to the talented workforce in Jacksonville and industrial sites spanning for acres across the region, manufacturers flock to this area. Leading companies such as Johnson & Johnson, GE Oil & Gas, and Anheuser-Busch are only a few top dogs that have claimed their spot in this area. Transportation from this area is also readily available due to the access of highway, railroad, air, and maritime. Therefore, all of these companies can truly ship their products anywhere.


With so many thriving businesses, it is no wonder as to why wholesalers have also become one of the top contenders in the business industry here. Ongoing need for products from surrounding companies have led the wholesale industry to skyrocket.

The business industry in the Jacksonville area is at an all time high and is expected to have continuous growth. Jacksonville houses for sale are affordable and plentiful due to the increased demand for determined individuals to land a job in this thriving market. If you have been looking for a location that has more to offer, Jacksonville should be on your list of places to investigate.