Top 10 Benefits of Hydro Jetting

Clogging can occur in the drainage or sewerage pipes due to several things, such as:

  1. Dirt
  2. Debris
  3. Grease
  4. Hairs
  5. Tree roots
  6. Toilet traps
  7. Food waste
  8. Foreign objects

These can cause several issues, such as bad odors and pollution, which can result in several diseases. So, blockage or clogging should be removed as soon as possible.

The most efficient way for blockage removal is through hydro jetting. It has a pipe and a nozzle that spreads the water at a pressure of 1500-5000 psi range. Here are some benefits of the hydro jetting:

1.   Versatile

Hydrojetting is a versatile technique used to remove several types of materials, such as blockages, grease, dirt, tree roots, and mineral deposits. Moreover, plumbers can use this option to clean different things, such as small and large pipes, cement sewer lines, kitchen sinks, washrooms, toilets, etc.

2.   Non-invasive

The pressurized water of the water jetting will not damage any of the pipes while removing the clogs. Plumbers don’t use any of the chemicals for cleaning. Moreover, it also includes the trenchless technique, as it doesn’t require any digging or distortion. It will clean the pipes with almost zero damage.

3.   Environmental Friendly

Usually, heavy, hazardous chemicals are used to open the blockage or to remove the clogs from the walls of the drainage pipes. However, only water is required to clean through the water jets. The pressure of the water will remove the dirt without causing further environmental problems.

4.   Prevent Future Clogs

Regular use of hydro jetting will remove even the most minor clogs permanently. It cleans the pipes thoroughly to reduce the risk of the formation of clogs again.

5.   Fast

It is a quick cleaning method. Plumbers don’t require any other preparation. They just spray the highly dense and speedy stream of water on the clogs or sturdy debris. Moreover, the water will flush the residue.

6.   Cost-effective

Liquid drain cleaners work only once, and you need to repurchase them for the next cleaning session. However, in the case of hydrojetting, it is only a one-time investment. Moreover, you just have to call the plumber using this technique to remove the plaques.

7.   Accurate

Water jetting has excellent precision. The pressurized water can reach the small holes, thin pipes, and clogs buried beneath your yards. It spreads pressurized water in all directions to remove dirt from all sides. Moreover, plumber don’t need to dig or uncover the pipes to clean them.

8.   Remove Odors

Unpleasant odors can be formed due to bacteria or chemical reactions in the pipes. The pressure of the water will cleanse the bacteria and chemicals thoroughly.

9.   Powerful

Water from the nozzles will have enough pressure to remove the sturdy and stubborn clogs. It can even break the roots and rocks that have taken years to build up.

10. Avoid Damaging Pipes

As it only uses water to remove the debris from the pipes, there will be no chemical reaction that can damage the pipes. Moreover, the pressure of the water will only remove clogs without breaking pipes.


For more accurate results, plumbers analyze the situation of the pipes through cameras. Moreover, there are several techniques for using water jetting to clean the pipe.