Tips to design landscape in a small space

The idea of designing a landscape can come up in anyone’s mind and a small space shouldn’t stop anyone from achieving it. For designing a small space landscape design, proper planning is required along with the knowledge of certain tips which can make this work easier.

If you have never designed any landscape before and wish to contact some professionals, you may contact landscape design North Augusta SC. Otherwise, you could use these tips to start designing your landscape in your small space.

Vertical Design

Since you are short of area, you must make use of the height to make your landscape more beautiful. You can do so by adding an arbor or a trellis. Some structures create an illusion that there is more space than there is.

Create divisions

In a small space, creating small spaces instead of a single large border can work wonders. You can make small perennial borders around the pillars. These small spaces will also make it easier to access every part when conducting any planting activities. 

Set up a destination

Choose a place where you can set up your seating arrangement and then design your landscape towards it. This idea applies to large spaced landscapes as well but it is more effective in small spaces landscapes as all the focus would be on your destination and the path which leads to it. Choose the fragrant plants which you can enjoy from close up. 

Properly sized materials

For a small spaced landscape, choose furniture which is compact and complements the surrounding. An oversized chair or table could peek like a sore thumb. Moreover, it will easy to keep the furniture aside when they are not in use. Apart from the furniture, there should be no other material which either looks awkward in the landscape or makes the space look cramped up.

Choose tropical plants

Even a large landscape without the proper plants can make it look boring. For a small landscape to stand out, you need to choose the correct plants, and what better than a tropical plant. You can choose any tropical plant among banana, palm, croton, canna, or any other plants for hot weather. You do need to make a jungle out of it and only a couple of plants will make wonders.


Small spaced landscapes can be the ideal place for a perfect landscape provided proper planning and designing is done. You can either do it yourself or can contact landscaping design North Augusta SC.