Tips for Drapery and Curtains care

Curtains are an essential part of every home. No house is considered complete without curtains on windows. No matter how beautiful you may have decorated your room and how beautiful your windows are, you will feel something missing without curtains.

Drapery and curtains are blessings for our home. They don’t only block light and save your furniture from continuous sunlight; they also form your room’s look. A geometrical pattern curtain gives a trendy look, and the heavy pleated curtain gives a formal look. After installation, all you need is to take care of them on a daily or time-to-time basis to keep them standing as your lifestyle statement for a long time. Also, maintaining and taking care will increase their lifespan, and they will look new, keep you fresh, and pleased for a long time. Without proper maintenance and cleaning, your curtains might start to harbor dust, grow wrinkles, and present an ugly look to your room. A fresh curtain brightens up the room, cheers up the people, and on the other hand, a dirty curtain will give a disgusting view or room. No matter how clean it is, curtains will spoil all the impression and also affect durability.

Today’s world is busy, and we all know that it is not easy to spend hours cleaning and maintaining the furniture and décor of your home. That’s why here I have gathered a small guide that consists of tips for cleaning and maintaining your curtains for a long time without spending lots of time on it.

Avoid sunlight Exposure:

Curtains’ number one benefit is to stop sunlight from reaching to you directly. That means they are continuously facing the light, and this uninterrupted connection causes the colors to fade quickly. Firstly, you should try to go for some light color curtains instead of dark colors, so that they stay long.

Secondly, look for the drapery lining for the curtains which are not lined, you may sew this drapery along with the curtain. The add-on will protect your curtain, and it will also present a fuller look to the window.

Vacuum the curtains:

Curtains are massive dust collectors. Try to dust the off days; if not, it is recommended to vacuum them monthly. Use a brush attachment to vacuum the head for better cleaning. Ensure that there are no loose ends or trimming attached that can be harmed by the use of a vacuum cleaner.

Wash your curtains:

You can also wash your curtains, but make sure that the fabric is washable, and no accessories are attached, which can be damaged during the washing process. It is better to try on some sample fabric of the curtain before washing the whole curtain itself. The effect will be more apparent in the sample, and then you can go ahead. Some draperies and curtains might bleed color while washing, so make sure that it doesn’t ruin its natural look. There is a tag attached to a few curtains which tell if the fabric is washable or not.

Washing tips:

  • Silk & delicate fabric curtains: Silk curtains can only be washed by hands. Never put them in machines
  • Linen & Cotton: You can easily wash them in washing machines. You can also tumble them dry or dry them in sunlight.
  • Sheer Fabric curtains: Don’t wash them in machines, wash them by hand, and don’t wring it.
  • Never overload your washing machine with big curtains only wash, which is easy. Otherwise, it is better to go for a dry cleaning option for sheer, silk, and delicate fabrics.

Iron the Curtains:

Yes, if necessary, you can even iron your curtains. Try to do this from the reverse of curtains and make sure that the temperature of iron does not harm the fabric of curtains.

The perfect length of a curtain:

One thing that can guarantee the curtain’s life is the ideal length of it. It’s recommended to install a curtain that doesn’t pile on the floor. Perfect size may help them to stay clean from bottom edges, avoid tripping incidents.

* Cleaning curtains doesn’t require much time. A little attention once in a month can keep them stay new for a long time.