Tips For Avoiding Plumbing clogs

Plumbing clogs can be a big problem for residential and other buildings. A clogged drain, for example, can be very messy. It can be costly to resolve the problem as well as you will need to call the plumbing services El Cajon. Here are some tips to avoid plumbing clogs.

Clean the pipes regularly

You must clean your pipes at least once a month so that they don’t get clogged. Grease, hair, and other things can build up inside the pipe over time. You will find non-corrosive drain cleaners in the market. Use it to clear the grit and grime. Baking soda is another good option. You can pour some baking soda inside the drain and then pour hot water. This will clear out the pipes and also get rid of the bad odor. Make sure that hair or debris doesn’t accumulate on the sinks; otherwise, these may get clogged as well.

Fix regular problems

Pipe or sewer lines can backup often. You shouldn’t wait for the blockage to occur; instead take steps immediately. It will be much cheaper to fix it right away. The recurring problems may be due to the tree roots that enter the sewer lines. It can also be due to the structural problems in the pipes. Let the plumbing services El Cajon inspect your problem and fix it so that it doesn’t occur again.

Block debris

Accumulation of debris is one of the main reasons for pipe blockage. So, you should stop debris from entering the pipes. Hair is a common thing that causes a clog. So, after the shower make sure you pick up the hairpieces and throw them in your bin rather than leaving them unattended. You can also use a mesh drain screen on the tubs and showers so that hair cannot go inside the pipe and clog it.

Flush drains regularly

You should run hot water down your drain regularly. You can add some vinegar as well. This will clear away the debris and you won’t have any clogged drains.

Stop grease going down the drain

Don’t dump grease down the drain. This is because once it cools, it gets stuck on the pipe and catches other objects too. So, the pipe gets clogged.

Stop throwing things down the toilet

You should never throw hair, dental floss, or cotton balls down the toilet. This will block the pipe and burden the sewer line. Thus the pipes may start a clog.

You must call plumbing services El Cajon for any problem related to clogged pipes. The plumbing services El Cajon are experts in their job and can solve the problem quickly.