The Most Important Plumbing Tools You Should Always Have at Home

If you’ve been a homeowner for several years already, surely you have your fair share of experience when it comes to plumbing issues. Clogged pipes, odorous smell from the drains and water leakages — these are just some of those issues you’ve encountered. And of course to fix these problems, you know how expensive it can be when it comes to hiring those blocked drains Summer Hill specialists.

No homeowner ever had a perfect plumbing system since just like other objects, pipes do deteriorate from time to time. However, that doesn’t mean that you can just accept that reality. There are methods of course to properly maintain your pipes and that can be achieved if you have your own set of plumbing tools. In this article, you’ll be provided with the must-have tools to keep your pipes in good condition.

Tongue-and-groove Pliers 

Tongue-and-groove pliers can be very useful at home as it can fix a lot of things, including problems related to plumbing. With this tool, you can easily grab, pull or hold anything you need to repair.

Propane Torch 

When it comes to sweating and fitting copper pipes, the best tool to use is the propane torch. However, it’s highly recommended to also invest in a torch head. With this additional accessory, you can easily light up the torch by squeezing a trigger instead of looking for a match.

Metal File 

This is another important must-have when fixing your pipes. In most DIY repair moments, you may need to cut some pipes and that will result to these pipes having sharp edges. To prevent injury to yourself or even to others who might fix the pipes in the future, you’ll need the metal file to smoothen the edges. You can also use it in deburring those unwanted burrs seen on the pipes.

Pipe Wrench

When repairing your plumbing system, you may need to loosen those tight nuts. This is where the pipe wrench becomes handy. Vice versa, this tool can also tighten loose nuts. Be reminded though to use the pipe wrench cautiously. Improper use may result in injury.

Basin Wrench

Similar to the pipe wrench, the basin wrench should also be used with utmost care. This tool can be used either to tighten or loosen nuts which are attached to sink faucets for security purposes. In most cases, two basin wrenches may be needed during repair — one is to hold and grip and the other one is for turning.


Finally, there’s every homeowner’s best friend — the popular and undying plunger. With this tool, you can dislodge clogs from toilets, tubs, sinks and shower drains.

It’s very important to always have these tools in good condition. Though you can always hire a local professional in Summer Hill to do the repair for you, there will be many cases wherein you’ll be advised by the plumber to use a plumbing tool to prevent further damages on the pipes before he arrives.