The Lifespan of A Cockroach

We can all agree that cockroaches are among the most hated and disgusting pests one can have in their homes. While they do not cause any diseases, they are carriers of millions of bacteria that can lead to various illnesses. Therefore, you must take steps to remove them from your house once you spot them. 

The first step to getting rid of these pesky critters is learning about their lifespan. A cockroach goes through various developmental stages, and it is important to understand which stages are the most dangerous. If you suspect them in your home, call pest control Schertz services as soon as possible. 

Various stages in a cockroach’s life 


The life of an insect begins with an egg. Dealing with cockroaches can be extremely difficult as a female cockroach can lay around 10-50 eggs at once. If these eggs hatch, it can pose a major problem for the occupants of a house. You may find these eggs in humid, warm, and secluded spots in the house. 

Cockroach eggs are small capsule-shaped items that you may find lying around under stoves, sinks, in bathrooms, storerooms, pantries, ceilings, walls, and several other areas. These eggs usually take about a month or two to hatch, although the timing can vary depending on climate and species. 


Cockroaches enter into the nymph stage when they hatch from their eggs. These newborn babies shed their exoskeletons multiple times to grow bigger in size. At first, these cockroaches appear white when they are born and then slowly turn into darker shades of brown as they molt and mature. 

Some mother cockroaches take care of their babies throughout the nymph stage, while others abandon them as soon as they are hatched, depending on their species. The nymph stage can last from a few months to a year. 


Once a cockroach reaches its adult stage, it becomes fully functional and sexually active, with developed wings and antennae. They can mate and reproduce to start the cycle over again. A fully grown adult cockroach can measure anywhere from one inch to three inches, depending on the species. It is noteworthy that while many cockroach species have wings, most of them do not fly. 

Cockroaches have a lifespan of twenty to thirty weeks. They have the ability to reproduce often and in large numbers, which increases the risks of an infestation. Even two cockroaches can give birth to another 50 and significantly disrupt your quality of life. Therefore, control is crucial.