The Importance of Working with Qualified Pole Barn Builders


Property owners who want to add new pole barns to their sites have two options. They can either purchase a kit and attempt to install the buildings themselves, or they can hire professional Pole Barn Builders. The idea of taking on a DIY building project to save money may seem like a good idea, but it’s usually not. Read on to find out why property owners are better off hiring professional contractors.

The Right Experience

Even if property owners have some experience with other forms of construction, it’s not wise to take on a pole barn construction project alone. Pole barns may have a reputation for going up quickly, but that doesn’t mean inexperienced builders won’t face any problems. Professional contractors have usually constructed dozens, if not hundreds, of similar structures, so they know how to avoid common pitfalls.

High-Quality Materials

A pole barn will only be as good as the materials used in its construction. The kits available to consumers are designed to be cost-effective, but their manufacturers tend to cut corners when it comes to material quality. Professional contractors will be able to source higher-quality lumber, panels, doors, trusses, and other components that will be able to withstand heavy wind, rain, and snow, often for similar prices.

Warranty Protections

Pole barn kits don’t generally come with warranties, and even if a warranty is available, it will only offer minimal protection. To make matters even worse for DIY enthusiasts, manufacturers of high-quality materials usually stipulate that they be installed by a professional to avoid voiding the warranty. Professional pole barn companies don’t just make sure the manufacturer’s warranty will remain valid. They often offer workmanship warranties, as well.

Fast Construction

There’s a reason pole barns have a reputation for going up fast under the right hands. Most of the materials are fabricated off-site, and these buildings don’t require standard foundations or tons of supports. Professional pole barn contractors can usually completely new projects in a matter of weeks.

The same cannot be said of property owners who opt to purchase kits and take a DIY approach. It can take longer for novice builders to decipher the plans and learn how to use the tools than it does for professionals to construct an entirely new pole barn, and that’s assuming the property owner has all the time in the world to dedicate to construction. It makes far more sense to hire the pros for a quick installation and focus on other crucial aspects of property maintenance and improvement.

Insurance Coverage

Pole barn companies carry extensive insurance policies to protect both their workers and their customers. Every person who walks onto the job site will be covered by workers’ compensation insurance, which means there’s no need to worry about liability issues related to worksite injuries. They’ll all carry professional liability insurance, too, which means in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong during the construction process and causes property damage, it will all be covered. The same can’t be said for worksite injuries and mistakes caused by property owners attempting DIY pole barn installations.

The Bottom Line

The fact that pole barns have a reputation for going up fast doesn’t mean property owners should install them alone. It makes far more sense to hire a trained and experienced professional.