The Benefits Of Water Saving Shower Heads 

A shower head is designed to give you an exceptional showering experience. Whether traditional or modern, a shower head is designed keeping in mind the convenience of the user. However, the modern version is added with an extra benefit. It saves gallons of water. On an average, a normal shower sprays 1.25 liters of water every minute.

These shower heads are embedded with features that save water consumption during every shower. No matter whatever the size is. You can either purchase shower with a diameter of 8 inches, 10 inches, or any custom size, the quantity of water flow will be the same. The best part is that they do not change your showering experience.

How Do Water Saving Shower Heads Work?

The manufacturing and fitting of such shower is done innovatively. They are designed by the shower head manufacturers to restrict the volume of water flow. So every shower you indulge in, you save gallons of water. The “low flow” science works behind this innovation. The showers are manufactured using this technique. In such showers, the water pressure is set to low speed. 

Types of “Low Flow” Showers Heads

If you want to save water even in long showering hours, they are the best option for you. There are two types of low flow water shower heads.

Non-Aerated Shower Heads: In this, the water is squeezed through small holes or pores and it comes out with more pressure.  

Aerated Shower Heads: They are slightly complex and work with natural water pressure and air pressure. So it appears that water is sprayed in a high volume giving you a pleasant showering experience. In both cases, you save enough water. 

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