Telltale Signs of a Blocked Sewer

In Australia, a blocked sewer is the last thing a homeowner would want to deal with. Unlike drains, these plumbing concerns don’t just affect a single fixture in your house but nearly all of it; this is what makes this concern rather frustrating. Apart from that, a blocked sewer can cause health issues, particularly if not addressed immediately.

Tree roots are one of the key reasons why the drains get clogged. Those invasive roots gradually grow and accumulate inside pipelines, which could eventually block the wastewater from flowing freely onto the central waste duct.

Regardless of the reasons, it will be ideal if you could tell if they have drain problems by yourself. That’s because there’s no saying when one would experience this, well, disgusting predicament sooner or later.

Take note that the symptoms of a blocked sewer line are as follows:

Water Moves Slowly Down the Drain

There are several reasons why water drains slowly in sinks or the tub, such as the accumulation of gunk, hair, or even soap scum. You can fix this problem either with a plunger or a plumber’s snake.

If none of these seems to help, ask the assistance of a plumber to address this matter immediately. These professionals can help resolve your problem quickly and save you precious time, effort, and money.

Several Fixtures Appear Clogged

The drains of every fixture in your house are connected in a network of pipes. They all lead down into the main water duct underneath your house. If you’re having problems with the drain in your bathtub, shower, and sink all at once, chances are you may have a blocked sewer.

Water Backing Up From the Toilet

Blocked sewers may also result in water backing up in your toilet fixtures. You will notice this whenever you are draining the washing machine or using the kitchen sink, for instance. At first, you may attribute this occurrence to that object that you have accidentally dropped into the loo.

But by no means would that be the case if this also happens in your bathtub or shower drain—which, no doubt, raises the ‘eww factor’ exponentially. Call in a professional immediately to have your drainpipe checked before your toilet concern goes out of control.

Strange, Gurgling Sounds

If you’re hearing sounds coming directly from your toilet after using the sink, the first thing that you might probably think of is ghosts or monsters lurking underneath. That might not be the case if you have a blocked sewer. The reason why this happens is that there is air trapped in the plumbing system, and it is escaping through the different fixtures in your house. A rule of thumb: check for these unusual sounds before deciding that you are dealing with a clogged sewage connection.

What to Do With a Blocked Sewer?

There’s no need to panic if you have a blocked sewer. Start first by turning off all the water fixtures in your house. Additionally, inform everyone not to use water until you have cleared the blockage.

You may unclog the fixtures by yourself with the use of a snake or a plunger. Using homemade solutions—such as a combination of ½ cup of vinegar and ½ cup of baking soda—may also help. Check and clear the basement drain last since this is nearest to the main wastewater pipeline.

Turn to the Pros

You can call in a professional plumber to remove the blockage. With their technical know-how in the field, they can identify the cause of your sewage problems. Also, depending on their experience and competency, especially in the use of plumbing tools like the auger, they can help in relieving you of these problems in the quickest time possible. You have countless options to choose from when looking for plumbing company services in Sydney and other areas. To get the best services, make sure your contractor has licensed plumbers and technicians and that they offer workmanship guarantees.