Stop Wasting Your Money On Paying Bills for an Ineffective Air Conditioning System

Every citizen residing in a tropical country like Singapore is scared of days when they reach home after a long workday and have to face an air conditioning system that fails to function and provides them with the much-needed relaxation that they truly deserved.

While there are many reasons for the air conditioners to fail to effectively function, one most common cause is not following the regular servicing of their appliance. This can lead to dust accumulation, clogging of the drainpipe, and much more. All these problems are easily avoidable if we keep up with aircon servicing compliance.

Are you tired of paying huge electricity bills and still not able to enjoy the temperature efficiency of your air conditioner? You can contact some of the affordable air conditioning maintenance services such as to get the issues with your air conditioner rectified. All their services meet the regulation laid down by the Health and Safety department in Singapore and their professionals excel in providing the most reliable and cost-effective solutions to all air conditioner-related problems.

Causes of improperly functioning air conditioners

Sometimes the problems are much more elaborate than simple maintenance of the appliance and need a professional hand to look into the matter and resolve the issue that is causing the air conditioner to turn off frequently.

Some common causes of this issue are:

1.     Problem with the thermostat battery:

  • Keeping the thermostat system in check is important and we should always keep its setting to cool.
  • If the air conditioner has suddenly stopped working, you should check if the thermostat batteries are in working condition.
  • If not, switch the batteries out and see if the problem has been resolved.

2.     Problems with a frozen condenser:

  • It is an essential component of any air conditioning unit and should be checked regularly by an aircon service provider to look for problems at an early level.
  • If not, the frozen condenser would need a replacement for the unit to function again.

3.     Problems with the indoor and outdoor disconnect switches:

  • If any of these switches get off even accidentally, your air conditioner will not work.
  • Reset the switches before calling a professional for the repair of the air conditioner.

4.     Problems due to dust accumulation in the air conditioner:

  • Ideally, cleaning of air conditioners should be carried out every month.
  • It is not just important for the proper functioning of the unit but also for the health of your family members who will inhale this dust instead of clean air and suffer from respiratory problems.
  • Cleaning the air filter does not require any professional hand and removes a majority of the impurities that can reduce the efficacy of your appliance.
  • Keeping the evaporator clean is as important as the air filter and if not done routinely, it can affect the functioning of the appliance.

5.     Problems with the transformer or the fuse:

  • If the fuse connecting the air conditioner with the thermostat or even the transformer gets blown because of a sudden influx of high voltage, they need replacement.
  • Without replacement, the appliances in your house will not function.

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