Step by step home cleaning procedure

A residential cleaning service is specialized in the things around home such as bathroom, kitchen, and floors, etc. Cleaning services of Grand Rapids provide full residential cleaning with sanitization at reasonable charges. Grand Rapids cleaning service efficiently completes the cleaning within a passage of time. This is one of the critical parts of all bio-security programs. Here, the whole procedure is described step by step:


The very first step is to remove the loose substances and debris on the surface that you have to clean. You can do this by wiping with a disposable towel, sweeping, or rising. The main objective of doing this step is to remove all the debris so that the area can be prepared for the next step.

Main cleaning

The next step is to clean all the remaining substances such as grease, dirt that you were unable to remove with a towel in the first stage. To perform this step, you have to use hot water and a detergent for cleaning. You may allow the disinfectant to do its work for a certain amount of contact time before doing so.

Rinse and disinfection

In the third step, you have to remove all the debris as well as detergent that was put in the second stage by using hot water, mop, squeegee, etc. You can also use the wiper to wipe out the extra water. After this, you have to do disinfect the surface to remove the bacteria. You can do this step by using heat or a chemical disinfectant for an adequate contact time.

Final rinse

The fifth step is to rinse off the disinfectants using hot water. Sometimes this step is not carried out as it depends on what kind of disinfectant you are using. Before using any disinfectant make sure to read all the guidance given on the product.


The final stage is to dry the surface. It will be better if you air dry where possible. By the cleaning process, all the microorganisms might be destroyed.