Sources And Reasons For Pipe Leaks

Pipe leakages might come from anywhere and if you want to fix them, you initially need to precisely pinpoint their sources. This unfortunately is no easy task as water is such a highly mobile substance that it can damage parts of your home that are far from its original entry point. As a result, in finding the original point of leakage, you would also often uncover a whole trail of damage.

Recognising signs of water leakages

How do you even begin to suspect that your home is harbouring hidden pipe leakages? There are a few common symptoms brought about by early day water damages. These include peeling paint, paint discolouration, musky smells and abnormally high humidity in the room. 

Following which, you should be able to observe water droplets coming through your home’s interior surfaces and possibly crumping bits of material. Should you spot these signs, you should not hesitate to immediately contact waterproofing painting services Singapore company to inspect your home and carry out rectifying works.

Reasons for pipe leakages

There are a variety of situations that may cause pipe leakages:

Adjustments in Dirt Density

The soil where your residence is founded on was initially a little loose. It was compressed to boost its density and make it risk-free for constructing such a substantial structure. It’s possible that specific locations were not appropriately compressed or the location of your residence is vulnerable to underground activities. If so, your house’s foundation might move overtime, inducing modifications in the pipelines.

Natural Shifting

Did you know that even though your home appears stable and steady, it’s in fact changing position in time as a result of natural activity of soil? One possible piece of evidence of this change is the pipeline leakage that has been giving you a headache for some time now. The movement might have induced one of the pipeline joints to crack or loosen up.

Quick Change in Temperature Level

Hot and cold water runs through your house at any given time. The pipelines spanning between the warmth source and your tap, bathtub, or shower are regularly experiencing tightening and expansion when hot and cold water rapidly passes through them. Because of this, areas of the pipes that sustain the highest damage might split and cause a leakage.

Dirt Pressure and Tree Roots

The heaviness of the soil and other loads over and around below ground pipes can produce adequate stress to split the pipelines, causing leakages. The water dripping out of the pipes attracts roots from nearby trees and hedges, and through the cracks they burrow their method into your pipes. Overtime, these roots will expand to induce not just bigger fractures along the pipes however also blockage, which eventually end up being a major source of backup in your sinks and drains.