High angle view of several suburban houses in sunny summer afternoon.

To manage a large network of houses is quite a technical job as the timely collection, accountings data maintenance, vendor management do require time and effort. Thus, these managements are very important to carry as a little bit careless can result in heavy loss for the whole company. Therefore, the city property company located in Arizona provides tremendous services in this regard. Let’s check how it works.

In House Collections:

When a house owner signs a contract, it is informed to him that how much monthly rent or other charges he has to pay. The exact date is also acknowledged by the house owner. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the owner to make timely payments.

The city Property hired a collection manager to ensure all the payments on time. He also sends an alert via mobile app or text messages to submit the des. Thus, he keeps the data track and updates on software. The executives can see through their admin access that what payments are pending and paid. 

Vendor Management:

As it is the complete responsibility of the home association to keep the record of wholesalers or vendors whom they deal. A proper updating about how many security cameras were installed to what things they used in pools should be kept in record. Thus all data about the vendors is managed by the management team. Vendor data includes:

  1. Building support 
  2. Pool administrations 
  3. Pest control 
  4. Temporary worker and seller administrations 
  5. Waste and reusing the executives 

In house- Accounting:

Community finances are quite obvious, ranging from small to a large expense. Therefore, it is important to keep housing accounting details.  The city property Phoenix Az HOA Management company provides a dedicated community accountant. It is his duties to manage bank accounts, monthly billing, receivables, and the payable amount, and he also provides financial statements.