Seven Good Reasons To Invest In a New Garage Door

If you live in Leicestershire and you are considering having a new garage door install mcmurray pa, then you may be looking for a good reason to do so. Well, our friendly team at Midland Garage Doors Leicester can do better than that – how about seven good reasons for getting a new garage door!

For many decades garage doors were simply there to keep your car or other things you store in your garage protected from wind, rain and from being stolen. But in recent years technological advancements have transformed the garage door industry to new levels.

Gone are the days of having to lift or pull heavy garage doors that could only ever be manually operated. These days you don’t even need to get out of your car to open your garage door before driving inside or get soaked to the skin having to open and close your garage door in the rain. You may need a garage door repair New Holland PA or replacement shortly.

In countries like the USA and Australia more than 70% of homeowners already have smart garage doors that open and close without you ever needing to touch them. The UK is fast catching up with them and the popularity of these types of garage doors is on the rise.

If you prefer to have a manually operated garage door installed, there are many modern lightweight, yet incredibly strong materials that doors are made from today, as well as smoothly operating moving parts that don’t rust up or warp as easily as older style parts used to.

Good reasons to buy a new garage door

So, as well as the advantages of having more lightweight, stronger garage doors and electronic opening and closing, let’s look at more good reasons to buy a new garage door.

1: If you choose an ultra-smart electronic garage door, you can get push notifications about your garage door with a real-time activity log

2: With an electronic opening option you can operate your garage door from inside your home, which makes it easy to have contactless deliveries of parcels and goods into your garage

3: Allow access to a mobile mechanic to fix your car or to perform a service without you needing to leave your home 

4: Improve the curb appeal of your home with a stylish new garage door

5: Some garage door designs come with attractive window options so you can have natural light in your garage

5: You can add extra insulation to your home and garage with a flush-fitting door to keep out drafts and to keep the internal temperature of your garage stable all year round 

6: The modern working parts of your garage door are constructed from stronger materials and are built to last longer with minimal maintenance

7: Increased home security is one of the most common reasons for replacing an old, broken garage door

So there you have it. Seven good reasons to have a new garage door installation in your home that we think makes it well worth this very cost-effective home improvement move!

Our Leicester-based team of garage door engineers are here to help you make the right choice for your new garage door in Leicester. We have over 20 years of experience for you to draw on so if you are confused about the style and design you should choose, we can inspect your garage and make the best recommendation for you.