Samsung PowerBot Turbo R9350 Review- Cyclone Force Technology

Samsung PowerBot

Samsung PowerBot Turbo R9350


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  • Elegant and Aesthetic Design
  • Cyclone Force Technology with 10x More Suction Power
  • Point Cleaning System
  • Full View Sensor with Visionary Mapping and Camera
  • Easy Pass Wheels
  • WiFi,, App and Voice Enabled Device Connectivity
  • Pet Hair Cleaner


  • Finds Problem While Returning to Charging Dock
  • App Connectivity Issue

Samsung Robotic Vacuum Cleaners have set trends of high-end smart robots with minimal or no human intervention. The Samsung series of robots gives you unparalleled user experience, thanks to ever-increasing advancing technology. Samsung PowerBot Turbo R9350 is one such apparent example of retrofitted technology.

The PowerBot series of Samsung is one of the best robotic vacuums available in the market. We personally have tested PowerBot series of robots and unveiled dozens of pro features that we would be discussing in the next sections of the article. The agile mechanism of PowerBot Turbo has won our vote despite some of its cons that we would be publicizing next on the course.

Are you in exigency for a smart robotic vacuum with efficiency in its blood? Head on to Samsung installments of robotic vacuum cleaner which will stride to clean your home with revolutionary technologies inlaid inside of its soul. Let’s head on to understand the pros, cons, specifications, technology used, price, and every bit of the machine.

Our View on Samsung PowerBot Turbo R9350

What makes this PowerBot stand prominent is its suite of intelligent and advanced patented technologies. It has several features which are not being used in any of the robotic vacuum selling in the market. Samsung PowerBot R9350 has “Cyclone Force” technology which is believed to be the most powerful suction among its counterparts.

Upto 70% the more suction power as compared to other powerlifters in the market. When we were on to charge testing these Samsung vacuum cleaners; Carpets, Area rugs, Hard Floors, Tiles, Hardwood, and many other surfaces set free from dirt, dust, debris, and many other allergens.

It certainly is a dependable vacuum cleaner from Samsung with advanced embedded technology.

There is nothing better than coming to a clean home after a hectic day of work. It gives a sense of refreshment feeling, which eventually helps you relax. Well, how would you achieve this ultimate goal of coming allergy-free home next time and every single day?

In our scrutiny, Samsung PowerBot Turbo R9350 could be your cushion to relax. It can clean around 1500 square feet area with no need to charge in between. Its estimated running time in a single charge is 1 hour. Well, it is awe-inspiring.

Design of Samsung PowerBot R9350

It has a display panel on the faceplate responsible for giving dozens of indications about the robot. WiFi indicator, battery indicator, spot cleaning mode indication, manual clean mode indicator, and the likes of many others to make you aware of the present and potential threats if any. It also has dustbin holder embedded in between of the faceplate.

In front of the robotic vacuum, there is a remote control signal receiver. Obstacle sensor is right beside the dustbin holder. The dustbin is placed at the very right of dustbin holder.

A camera is below the trash to map and navigate from one place to another. There is also a dustbin handle and Bumper sensor. The whole robot is an example of an aesthetically crafted machine.

Accessories of Samsung PowerBot Turbo 9350

PowerBot R9350 Accessories
PowerBot R9350 Accessories

Features of Samsung PowerBot Turbo R9350 

Cyclone Force Technology

The Cyclone Force Technology is a driving force to home cleaning. Backed by powerful suction, the robot has the most extended suction power with less clogging. Be it large debris to comparable microns of dust mites, and nothing will be left behind from the suction Cyclone Force Technology.

Cyclone Force Technology
Cyclone Force Technology

Everything amassed will be spotted out of the floor with no traces of strain. It has 10x the more suction capacity when compared to its competitors in the market. The Cyclone Force Technology is perfected to give you deep and visible cleaning with maximum airflow to help eliminate headstrong spots of the house.

Point Cleaning System

An unmatched suite of intelligent sensors ready to obey your instructions and cleans different surfaces on demand. Yes, you are reading it right. Its Point cleaning system will abide by your guidelines by using the remote control. If you notice a concentrated area in your home, point your remote to that area with visible red emitting light, and it will obey that visible light and clear it off.

Samsung PowerBot Turbo R9350 Point Cleaning
Samsung PowerBot Turbo R9350 Point Cleaning

Visionary Mapping Plus with FullView Sensors

For any robot to clean your home efficiently, it is crucial to map every nook of your home. Mapping has always been a concern for robotics but for Samsung vacuum cleaner, and it is no more a challenge. Visionary Mapping Plus with FullView Sensors has that ruthless efficiency to map your home for a thorough and seamless transition throughout your home.

Its full view sensors make a plan every time it enters your home and learns new ways to clean your home efficiently. Its extra powerful, intelligent, and smart.

It has an onboard camera with multiple sensors to map your home and produce an ideal cleaning path for your robot. It can clean various rooms seamlessly while avoiding obstacles on the course of its cleaning way. Now no place will be left uncleaned.

Easy Pass Wheels

Seamless transition of robotic vacuum cleaner is of vital importance when it comes to cleaning Carpets, Area Rugs, Tiles, Hard Floor, and Hardwood. To cater to the needs of seamless transition, Samsung PowerBot R95 is equipped with Easy Pass Wheels. The large wheels move smoothly on obstacles, from carpet to hard floors and vice versa. Its “Easy Pass Wheel” is such a boon for various floor types home. It also has sensors which don’t let this robotic vacuum fall from a steep height, stairs and other high altitude areas.

WiFi Connectivity

It can be connected to WiFi to supervise your Samsung PowerBot Turbo from anywhere you want. You could be in any part of the world, open the app, and start instructing your robot for deep and thorough cleaning.

App Connectivity

The app can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play. You have to download and connect it to the application. Now all your jobs will be done at the tip of your fingertips.

Voice Control

It also supports voice control. Be it Amazon’s Alexa, Bixby, or Google Assistant, any of these voice-enabled devices can be used to control the robot with the voice.


  • General Specifications
  • Key Features
  • Battery
Product Name and ModelSamsung PowerBot Turbo R9350/VR2AK9350WK/AA
ColorEbony Copper
Product Dimensions (W*H*D)14.9"*5.3"*14.3"
Product Weight10.8lbs
Dust Capacity0.7 L
Voice Enabled Device ConnectivityYes
Warranty1 Year/Motor 10 Years
Suction Power40W
Brush Width/Type12.2"/Combo
WiFi ConnectivityYes
Cyclone Force TechnologyYes
Visionary MappingYes
Point CleaningYes
Full View Sensors and CameraYes
Easy Pass WheelsYes
Cleaning Speed12.6"/Sec
BatteryLithium Ion
Charging TypeAutomatic and Manual Charging
Charging Time240 Mins
Cleaning TimeMax Mode- 30 mins, Normal Mode- 60 mins and Quiet- 90
Button TypeTouch and Responsive
SensorCeiling Shape Recognition

Cleaning Performance

We aimed to test this machine for every possible real-world problem in home cleaning. From pet hair to comparably large debris, high and low pile carpets and those every potential problem tested out.

Pet Hair

It did perform way better than our imaginations when it was put into cleaning pet hair. To some extent, we can say that Samsung PowerBot Turbo R9350 has performed at par as compared to other dedicated pet vacuums in the market. It is not a pet vacuum but has the potential to give a hard time to those of the other heavyweights. If there is a pet in your home, we recommend this machine.

The biggest of its plus is its suction power which may lift a 15 lbs ball easily.


When we performed the cleaning task on the carpet, we scattered beans, debris, kitty litter, granules, and comparably more fine particles on the rug. Then we put the PowerBot on the work. At first attempt, it cleaned off beans, debris, kitty litter thoroughly without any hard time. It took two to 3 efforts to clean comparably delicate objects. Though, it was way better than other robotics that we have used in our lifetime of experience with Robotic Vacuum Cleaners.


What we love about this vacuum cleaner is its efficiency to make hardwood free from dirt and debris. We have tested many vacuum cleaners on hardwood, and most of them left some scratches, cleaning spots on the floor. You will encounter many vacuums which claim to sweep hardwood efficiently, but are they so? You can go and check it out. According to us no as compared to Turbo R9350. It is the single most effective robotic vacuum that we found worth buying if you are an owner of hardwood floors.

Hard Floor

It is cleaning the hard floor. We can bet that there is no any robotic vacuum as powerful as to this. From pet hair to large and small debris, everything will be cleared off with a single effort. Its navigation system advanced enough to clear every spot with just an only attempt.

The DustBin of Samsung PowerBot Turbo R9350

When we talk about the leverage that you can cash in is its dustbin capacity. It is too big to clean two to three times with 4500 square feet area. Yes, It’s just flabbergasting number. To clean this area, you will have to charge your robot thrice.


Turbo R9350 Filter
Turbo R9350 Filter

It comes with washable filters. This feature ensures smooth and costs effective maintenance.


The battery runtime of Samsung PowerBot Turbo R9350 is almost 60 minutes at normal mode. For that, you may have to charge the Battery for Approximately 240 minutes, that is 4 hours, which is quite a long duration. The battery runtime wholly depends on the cleaning mode you have selected. Other battery specifications are listed below:


It has a warranty period of 1 year with a limited warranty. Though, the warranty of Digital Inverter’s Motor is ten years. The limited warranty will begin on the original date of purchase and is valid if the product is purchased and used in the United States.

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