Pros and Cons of TPO Roofing and EPDM Roofing

What type of roof you put on your business makes a big impact on your business. A quality roof lasts long and doesn’t have leaks. There is no leak in a quality flat roof, you can cut your energy bills and take a long time before big work is needed. You should pick a new roof correctly – that’s why D’Angelo & Sons break down the 2 most popular roofs here: TPO roofing versus vs. EPDM.

Flat roofs TPO and EPDM are common options for firms, and no accidents happen. The two roofing membrane systems materials deliver a solid output over a decade at a reasonable price. Since we have both TPO and EPDM roofing experience, we are going to break down each other’s advantages!

Flat Membrane Roofing Systems

TPO and EPDM are both flat membrane roofs that are used in various commercial buildings of different sizes. Both choices are fine, whether it is new or restore, and repair. Get more detail about the most common flat roofing products and eavestrough repair in Hamilton by reaching D’Angelo & Sons Company.

You have to consider which roofing is suitable for your building and industry when comparing TPO with EPDM roofing. We are breaking down for you these two roof styles here:

TPO Roofing

TPO roofing is a single, fast, and fairly inexpensive membrane roofing system that provides several critical advantages. This is what you should know about TPO roofing systems:


  • Come in Reflective white color: This white coating is intended to mimic the sun’s rays, keep the building cleaner and reduce energy costs. Learn regarding your roof with the inclusion of solar.
  • TPO is less vulnerable to leaks: TPO roofs do not have wide seams such as EPDM’s roofing, it is less prone to leaking water as it ages.
  • TPO can be less costly than EPDM — the price is reasonably similar relative to normal TPO roofing vs EPDM. In certain cases, TPO can be marginally cheaper.


  • TPO gets brittle and cracks — TPO roofs are criticized mainly for being less flexible and get cracks as age. This is the main limiting factor of your lifetime.

EPDM Roofing

EPDM Roofing is a material made of rubber roofing that is rolled in large sheets onto the roof. This single-ply rooftop membrane has its own set of pros and cons. Here’s what you should remember:


  • The lifespan of EPDM roofing is longer than the TPO — although the pricing of EPDM roofs between two membrane systems can be compared with EPDM roofs.
  • PDM roofs can be easily repaired and renovated — It is a highly effective Conklin roof replacement system and can naturally fit with one of the most common roof types on the market.


  • EPDM is more susceptible to leaks and it doesn’t help with energy efficiency.