Pre-Purchase Real Estate: Here’s Why You Should Have Itinspected

Selling or buying real estate has become easier nowadays, especially if you are aseller. Doing a cheap touch-up on a defective property can already mask its blemishes and make it saleable in the market at a competitive price. But what if you are the buyer, how will you uncover these building nightmares perfectly hiding behind those beautiful façades? It is grueling, right, particularly if are a first-time buyer? To avoid buying a defective property, availing of a building inspections service will give you a seamless real estate transaction.

The Essence of Building Inspection

Building inspection refers to an in-depth visual examination of any structure which is a key in determining the compliance and non-compliance of a certain building unit in accordance with the building codes of a state or country.This job is typically performed by a professional building inspector who checks and ensures the integrity of any structure.

Building inspectionhas becomemandatory in purchasing properties in Australia as more residential buildings both in public and private sectors are being approved by the government as livable spaces.According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the houses in the private sector and dwelling approvals in South Australia have increased in the year 2020-2021 by 55.1% and 24.2%, respectively, compared to the preceding year. In case you are wondering, the difference between a house and a dwelling lies in the duration of the ownership. The house indicates a permanent residence whereas the dwelling refers to a temporary home, in other words, rentals. This huge increased in approvals signify that there isa lot of new real estate which are ready to be sold in the market, and old houses or units to be resale. For new residential buildings, it is an assurance that they are in good shape. Conversely for old houses, selling and buying them will require a pile of paperwork and renovations. As a buyer, purchasing a pre-owned residential estate is risky in terms of ensuring its quality and safety. If you do not have a solid background in making a good judgment about the building’s condition, it is better to consult an agency providing building inspection services to do the risk assessment for you. 

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Avail a Building Inspection Service

Below is the top 5 reasons why you, as a buyer, should avail of a building inspection service.

  1. It aids in identifying safety hazards such as the presence of molds, radon, termites, and carbon monoxides.
  1. It acts as a negotiating tool thataids in setting the right price based on the house’s real condition.
  1. It forecasts potential expenses due to the existence of malfunctions.
  1. It aids in finding issues regarding the structural integrity of the house which could expose your family to danger in terms of natural calamity.
  1. It reduces your stress since the agency will do the inspection for you.

So, before you seal the deal, only avail building inspection services from agencies with years of solid experience in the industry for it will save both of your time and money. Also, it will keep your mind at ease.