Plumbing: Causes of Blocked Drains

If you are encountering a slow drain, then there is a great chance that there is a commercial drain blockage wichita ks in your pipes. This can be caused by various things and sometimes, it can be quite effortless to address a blocked drain issue.

However, there are also instances wherein the problem can only be addressed by professional plumbing experts. In this case, the blocked drain plumber Canberra locals often go for are the ones who are able to accommodate emergency cases that need to be addressed immediately. Before you call a reliable plumber though, it is worthwhile to take a look into some of the most common causes of blocked drains, which will allow you to prevent this problem from occurring in the future.

Unknown Objects

One of the primary causes of blocked drains is an unknown object causing a blockage. If you have a slow drain in your bathroom, then there is a great chance that hair is the culprit. Hair can cause a blockage because it has a tendency to bind sticky substances that can form a substantial clog. In parallel to hair, soap can also cause a clog in your pipe, leading to a blocked drain because most traditional soaps are made with grease or fat. In this case, it is a good idea to have guards to catch hair and other matter in your drains to prevent clogs. Switching to soap-free washes is also a viable solution to prevent drain clogs.

When it comes to your kitchen, food wastes are often the cause of a blocked drain. In this case, it will help if you have a garbage disposal in your sink. However, a more viable way to prevent this problem is by setting up a composting pile to immediately get rid of your food wastes. You also need to take extra precautions when it comes to grease or oil which can solidify inside your pipes, causing a blockage.

Other unknown objects that can cause blockage in your drain include dirt as well as the mineral build-up. Even small objects that find their way into your plumbing can also cause blocked drain issues. Keep in mind that even if these unknown objects don’t cause any issue in the beginning, as soon as they begin to pile up, you may already face major plumbing problems.

Damaged Pipes

Another common cause of a blocked drain is a damaged pipe. If water cannot flow freely in your pipes because it is broken, then it can also lead to blocked drainage. Pipes that are easily damaged are often caused by poor installation, as well as tree roots. The reason behind this is that even the smallest crack in a pipe can already attract the growth of tree roots that can obstruct water flow and cause further pipe damage.

Weather Conditions

Heavy rains and storms can also lead to blocked drains, particularly when the drains present outdoors are clogged by leaves, dirt, and other objects that accumulate after a storm. Heavy rains may also cause a blocked drain especially if the drains are not designed to handle a significant amount of water flow. The worst part of this is that this blocked drain may even lead to flooding in the property.

Final Word

Blocked drains can be caused by various things such as those listed above. The key is in making sure that your problem is addressed immediately to inhibit any further inconvenience that can even stem from health-related issues. Aside from this, it is also a good idea to exert the extra effort to implement the necessary measures to prevent blocked drains from happening.