Packing Tips for Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is valuable because it’s rare.  You need to be extra careful while relocating this antique furniture as this is something you won’t be able to buy with money. Even the insurance money would not help you get this priceless furniture back. You may think of hiring best removalists Melbourne to be safe as they are trained to take care of relocating the most delicate and expensive stuff. If you have still planned to undertake the relocation on your own then here are some easy packing tips for antiques.

Right Size Box – Using a right sized box as you don’t want your antique pieces to roll inside the box and get damaged. Look for the best fitting box for each piece. You need the smallest box available for each piece to minimize damage.

Clean Each Piece – This is important as you don’t want the dust settled on the antique pieces to scratch them and damage them. Before packing, just make sure that everything is properly cleaned with microfiber cloth. You may remove any visible or superficial dust before starting with packaging.

Wrap With Glassine – Glassine is the perfect choice to wrap antiques made of any material. It is wax finish paper that stays tightly on the surface and hence protects it against any stains and smudges. You can do this wrapping immediately after cleaning of the pieces. Wrap each piece separately to avoid abrasion. Secure the wrapping with tape to keep it in place during the movement.

Use Corner Protectors – When it comes to antiques, you don’t want to take any chances. Using corner protectors would ensure further protection. Use good quality corner protectors for each item and then place it in the box.

Proper Cushioning – Cushioning is around each piece whether you are packing single piece inside the box or putting in multiple pieces. There are bubble wraps or air-filled plastic wraps available for cushioning. Use them generously.

Once you have carried out all of the above steps, it is time to pack the box. Easier way is to hire house removalists Melbourne to ensure safe and secure movement of household and antique goods.