Nan Inc. – Hawaii’s Construction Behemoth

One of the prominent and renowned construction firms in Hawaii is Nan Inc., which has its headquarters in Honolulu. Even though it is only thirty years old, Nan Inc. has become a construction behemoth, which is regarded as a major accomplishment in the industry. It is the largest locally owned and operated firms throughout the state and it has grown and expanded over the years. It started out on a small-scale and focused on Hawaii only, but has now managed to spread to some nearby areas as well. The company is recognized for its exceptional work, which has earned it a number of prestigious awards and certificates.

Specializing in preconstruction, design-build services and general contracting, Nan Inc. has completed more than 3,000 projects over the years. As a matter of fact, the company has also partnered with some design companies in order to provide more comprehensive services to its clients. Patrick Shin, Owner of Nan Inc. Construction, is the reason why the company has managed to accomplish so much, so quickly. He started the company single-handedly with one employee in 1990 and the first project that Nan Inc. was assigned was the installation of a road sign.

Despite these humble beginnings, the company was able to prosper and it was because Patrick Shin put in a lot of hard work and effort into expanding the firm. Therefore, the company has almost 600 employees today and has handled a huge number of multimillion-dollar projects, dealing in both commercial and residential construction. As a matter of fact, Nan Inc. has also been awarded numerous government contracts that have helped the company in fulfilling its motto of building a better and brighter Hawaii.

Over the years, the projects they have handled include making technical upgrades to existing buildings, renovating and preserving historical buildings and structures and constructing new ones from scratch in various industries, particularly hospitality. One of the best things about Nan Inc. is that they have kept up with all trends to ensure they are not left behind and have garnered a great deal of experience and expertise over the years. They have a responsive, professional and capable team that knows what it is doing and aims to do every job in accordance with the requirements of the client. They deliver excellence, quality and do it in a timely manner, ensuring there are no delays in their work and their customer is fully satisfied.