Myths Regarding Vinyl Plank Flooring That Should Be Confuted 

Vinyl plank flooring has been there for a long time and has changed in terms of quality and durability, but it is still shrouded my so many misconceptions though it has gained a huge market demand. 

Many homeowners go for vinyl flooring because not only is it affordable, it is also highly elegant to look at. Being a famous London flooring shop, we offer a wide range of vinyl floorings to choose from. And, if you have come across any misconceptions and myths, it is better to debunk them. But what are the most common myths related to vinyl plank flooring?

It Is Highly Unattractive And Dull 

This is one of the most common misconceptions that many have regarding vinyl plank flooring. They are known to offer a polished and finished look which can get as smooth as possible and can never get outdated. 

If you are looking for the perfect wood mimicking look but not go for something as expensive, vinyl planks are great. The technology that is used nowadays to create these looks will confuse anyone as it will look so realistic. 

Not Suitable For Your Kitchen 

But the truth is far from it. The vinyl plank flooring is water-resistant and can work even when the humidity and the atmosphere in the kitchen is not suitable for others. It is compatible with the high moisture content for both the kitchen and the bathroom. 

Also, when it comes to kitchens, spillages are common, and if wood or any other material, this might cause a stain. But no such thing happens with vinyl plan flooring as they are easy to maintain. Check for Recommended hardwood floor company queens.

They Are Very Much Accident-Prone 

When you have pets, seniors, and children and toddlers at home, having a flooring option that will not slip easily and is not accident-prone is vital. But the myth that vinyl flooring is not good should be debunked. 

The chances of slipping with vinyl plank flooring are minimal and they have better resistance than any tile and are softer than other stiff flooring options too. Therefore, they are the best for all types of flooring. 

Installing Them Is Time And Labour Consuming 

Many believe that laying vinyl is tedious and cause wastage of time and too much labor when compared to others. But this is so not true. The types of vinyl you have chosen determine the time and the requirements of labor but always go for professionals.

Therefore, these are some of the most common myths that you would come across when it comes to vinyl plank flooring. But they come with the lowest price tag but are elegant looking suitable for all homes.