Learn important techniques for house lifting


House lifting is commonly known as house lifting, house jacking, etc. It is the process of separating a building from its base to mend or expand the old foundation. It is done to protect the house in times of flood and disaster. However, if you are thinking about how much does it cost to raise a house? Then let me tell you it’s averagely economical, and the house owners mostly bear the expense. 

Plus, it also depends on the technique followed, the condition of the house and labour cost. Under certain voluntary house raising scheme, the state government bears two-third of the expense. Plus, experts and professionals can only do this whole process.

Different techniques followed under house lifting

Certain techniques that to consider if you are planning for house-lifting are as follows:

  1. Surveying– This is the first process before starting to lift a house. It is necessary to study the building and the weak members of the building before starting to work. The load calculation is done to know the number of jacks and screws required to lift the building. The building load is divided between the jacks that are needed to lift the building. 
  2. Estimation– Estimation of house lifting New Jersey includes the cost of brickwork, flooring, base filling and plinth filing. The charges also take into account the cost of filing cracks if found during the house lifting process. In earlier times, the process included the conventional system of house lifting. At that time, the demolition cost was excluded from the estimation of new construction. It was done because the scrap value was presumed equal to the demolition value.
  3. One must take measures– Before starting to work, the gas connection, electricity, water connection, drainage, etc., must be disconnected. This is done for the workers’ safety and the people who are engaged with the task. In addition, proper support is given to the weak members to reduce the risk of falling. Generally, I-beams are provided as support to avoid any hazard. 
  4. Lifting and Shifting– Finally, the process of house lifting can be performed. This technique involves lifting the building with the hydraulic jack to strengthen the base. By this process, we can also expand the foundation of the building. This increases the lifespan of the super-structure and also increases stability. Also, this is less expensive as compared to the conventional method that was used in house raising. Moreover, this process is also known as piering.

Before taking up the house lifting process, you must first be aware of the huge expenses and the process. To cut down the unnecessary extra expense, you must try and get hold of a professional agency. Otherwise, there is a chance of getting cheated.