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iRobot Roomba 671 Review- The Best Bet To Your Vacuuming Solutions

iRobot Roomba

iRobot Roomba 671


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  • Patented iAdapt Navigation System
  • Power Lifting Suction
  • 3-Stage Cleaning System
  • 60 Minutes Battery Run Time
  • Alexa and WiFi Compatible
  • Hardwood, Hard Floor and Carpet Cleaner
  • Dirt Detect Technology
  • Affordable


  • A bit Noisy
  • Misses Spots Occasionally
  • Leaves Dirt
  • Sometimes App Connectivity Issue

iRobot Roomba 671, Vacuum with WiFi Connectivity- Excellent for Carpets and Hard Floors – Patented Dirt Detect Technology – 3 Stage Cleaning System

With every passing second, the technology for home solutions is taking the new leap to human comfort. With iRobot Roomba 671, the grannies, office going homemakers and those unable to perform specific tasks can take a breather.

Powered by 3-stage cleaning system, which also features in high-end Roomba series with complementary power of iAdapt Navigation system, stay at home moms has nothing to take part in the cleaning process.

iRobot Roomba 671- Introduction

Roomba 671, a fully automated vacuum cleaner from America’s number 1 manufacturer “iRobot”. The company has launched many products under its 600 series of intelligent Roombas and model 671 is also the part of the same league.

The robots of these series have an intellectual understanding of your house, thanks to the advanced iAdapt Navigation system. When you “Buy Roomba 671” and put it on work for the first job, the initial work it will do is to map your home. It learns on its own.

The advanced versions of Roomba such as “Roomba 891” which may cost you half a dozen hundred dollars have the censors and intellectuality to take 60 decision per second. Roomba 671 utilizes the same technology. It is giving you a free hand to use the advancing tactics to clean at an affordable price.

A bit Taste of Design

Roomba 671 Design

The Design of Roomba 671 is circular with an outer surface consisting of dust bin and filter along with a light touch sensor. Another layer that comes into sight is faceplate of black colour with “iRobot Roomba” inscribed on it. There is also a handle on it for smooth portability. At the very inner section of Roomba, there is a “CLEAN” button, should you operate, you need to click this button to put robot at work.

iRobot Roomba 671 Features You Can’t Ignore

  • Specifications
  • Top Features
  • Battery
  • Miscellaneous
Model NumberRoomba 671
BatteryLithium Ion 1800 mAh
Length34 cm
Width34 cm
Height9.2 cm
  1. Connect it to WiFi
  2. Compatible with alexa for voice command
  3. Schedule Cleaning
  4. 3-Stage Cleaning System
  5. Long Battery Back-up for up to 60 Minutes
  6. Designed to Clean Under Furniture
  7. Can Easily Clean Hard to Reach Areas
  8. Takes 60 Decisions per Second to Thoroughly Clean Your Home
  9. Generates Power Through its Powerful Suction to pull-in Dust and Debris
  10. Easily Removes Pet Hair, No Corners Left Uncleaned

Lithium Ion Battery- Rechargeable

Battery SpecsDetails
Power1800 mAh
Running Time~60 Minutes
Full Charge2 Hours
PriceCheck Price and Buy
Color OptionsBlack and Brown
Cleaning MethodDry
Floor TypeAll Indoor
Pet Hair RemovalYes
Filter TypeAeroVac Technology
Weight3 Kg
Threshold Clearance2 cm

iAdapt Navigation System

iAdapt Navigation System enjoys a suite of intelligent sensors which are capable of taking decisions in a fraction of second. It’s an astonishing fact that the detectors equipped in Roomba 671 can make almost 60 judgements in a single second to map and clean your home thoroughly.

It can navigate under or around the furniture facilely and avoids steep falling zones and other drop-offs.

The sensors also protect Roomba 600 series robot from falling from the stairs and high altitude areas, making it the safest robot free of accidental damages.

Patented Dirt Detect Technology

Dirt detect technology has its way to the Roomba series, which helps in identifying the zones full of dust and debris. The high traffic areas where dirt gets accumulated cleaned by the Roomba 671.

3-stage Cleaning System

The cleaning system embedded in Roomba 671 also features in high-end Roomba 800 series and 900. The 3-stage cleaning system (Edge sweeping brush, Multi-surface brushes and vacuum suction) has always been the centre stage to the success of Roomba series.

Its sweeping edge brushes sweep debris, dust, mites, pet hair away from the edges and corners. Multi-surface brushes mutually work for the cleaning purpose of your home and clean hard and wooden floor along with carpet surfaces.

Its powerful vacuum suction pulls even 10 microns particles out of your carpet and hard floor. Dust, dirt and debris are no longer the addition to your embarrassment in front of your neighbours.

Connects with WiFi and iRobot Home App

Now Connect your Roomba to WiFi to initiate the cleaning process. Yes, for connectivity purpose, you have the option to connect your Roomba to WiFi to eliminate manual interventions.

There is also an option to connect your Roomba to iRobot HOME app and regulate your Roomba right from your fingertips. After connecting the Roomba to HOME, you can supervise your Roomba from anywhere and from any part of the world. You only have to give explicit instruction to your robotic cleaner, and it will start the process.

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iRobot Roomba 600 Accessories Replacement

Accessories Replacement

  • Accessories Care and Replacement
  • Note
Robot PartCare FrequencyReplacementPrice
BinAfter each use--
FilterOnce per week (Twice per week in home with pets)Every two monthsCheck and Buy
Full Bin Sensors Front Caster WheelOnce every two weeksEvery 12 months-
Side Bursh Cliff Sensors Charging ContactsOnce per month--
ExtractorsOnce every 3 or 4 months with pets in homeEvery 6-12 monthsCheck Price
  • iRobot Roomba manufactures various replacement accessories and recommends using the iRobot Trademark accessories for better functioning Roomba.
  • The same can be purchased through visiting

iRobot Roomba Battery Life and other specification

Roomba battery life is wholly dependant on the use of the robot. If you use it according to the standards set by iRobot, the battery may last 7 to 8 months. Again, it depends on use.

Also if you are going to replace the battery, be cautious of fake batteries pretending to be the original ones. Most of the batteries available in the market may ruin your Roomba’s performance. Therefore, we advise you to take special care if you are going to buy the battery.

We have enlisted some of the Roomba supported batteries along with original batteries which may perfectly suit your needs.

Authentic iRobot Parts – XLife Extended Life Battery – Compatible with Roomba 400/600/700/800 Series Robots

Nastima Xlife 4400mAh Lithium ion Battery for iRobot Roomba 500 600 700 800 Series

Powerextra Replacement Battery for iRobot Roomba 500 600 700 800 &900 Series (Check Description for compatible models)

Problem with Roomba 671

We have tested Roomba for every possible ground, from hard floor to wooden. It extended to carpet floors and we didn’t notice any technical glitch. It cleaned everything. From grains, debris, popcorn, dust pet hair to even larger objects such as kitty litter, all of them cleared off the floor.

We did come to know some problems with Roomba. It took 3 to 4 rounds to clear-off pet hair from carpet. Almost half a dozen shots it took to clean some powder from the carpet.

We also noticed that sometimes Roomba gets stuck and lost on its own.

Warranty of iRoomba 671

2 Years of standard warranty for any manufacturing defects and 1 year warranty for accessories such as Battery. Puresight Systems Pvt. Ltd. is providing the warranty for this product.

Offers for iRobot Roomba 671

As of July 29, 2019; some of the best offers are enlisted below:

  • Authentic iRobot Parts – XLife Extended Life Battery – Compatible with Roomba 400/600/700/800 Series Robots
  • Get assured 5% cashback on a minimum purchase of 2000+ with HDFC Bank Credit Card
  • Get 10% cashback for up to 100 rupees via payments through Visa Signature or Visa Infinite cards.
  • Flat 50 rupees off through UPI Payment.


Even if we did experience some issues with the robotic form of vacuum cleaner, it according to us after analyzing every aspect of Roomba is a great addition to your home. The technology which is in Roomba 671 is just ground-breaking. Further, it has designed to give you comfort, and so it does with every possible way.

Its Alexa compatibility helps you supervise the machine through your voice.

iRobot Roomba 671 is ultra-affordable compared to higher versions of Roombas which do the same work as Roomba 671 does.

By keeping in mind the price and the technologies used in the robot with a hope of seeing the smile on the face of your loved ones, it would be a wise decision to have one in your home. We recommend you to go for Roomba 671.

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