Ipe Wood: Best Hardwood For Indoor And Outdoor Projects

Ipe is also best known as the Brazilian walnut. It has a beautiful exotic wood from South America, primarily from Brazil. The color comes with a medium to darker shade often with tones and color variation, which makes it very appealing. Ipe wood Florida is used for different projects, such as:




Reasons to prefer Ipe wood

You have a list of reasons why Ipe wood is preferable:

  • Water and rot-resistant. Water is a big hazard for any structure of wood besides tropical hardwoods, which are naturally water-resistant and would work great in wet climates. The natural oil of Ipe wood makes it strong enough to prevent the following:
  • Insect damage
  • decay or developing harmful fungi

The main cause of these damages is due to water exposure. Ipe’s origin makes it the most durable and strongest tropical species worldwide. The lumber comes from America’s rainforest where it is exposed to harsh weather conditions. Thus, the wood can withstand it and other threats that surround it, thanks to the natural environment. It is an extremely dense wood that makes it durable and strong.

Indeed, Ipe is very difficult to dent being scratch-resistant. So, it is very understandable and considerable when you see its cost. Many say that Ipe wood is expensive, but when you are going to evaluate the wood, you can’t say any negativity about its pricing. Compared to any other alternatives, Ipe wood is not only cost-effective but also has the appeal that any other hardwoods have.

  • Splinter or scratch-resistant. An Ipe deck is a very safe deck. The hardwood is harm-free to the feet because it doesn’t splinter or scratch over time. Meaning that it doesn’t only maintain its appealing wood pattern and shade, but is also safe to walk with barefoot. It doesn’t cause risk to your feet and can get rid of getting injured.

A harmless barefoot walk feature is essential too because nobody wears shoes around the swimming pool, of course. An Ipe deck is a very barefoot-friendly deck, providing a surface fit for children and pets. It can bring you to the next point emphasizing why a deck made of Ipe will be the best choice when having a pool at home.

What makes Ipe wood the best for pool floor construction is its being hot-resistant. So, it is very friendly to your kids while they are playing around the pool.

One of the advantages of using Ipe wood is the ability to retain heat!