How to Save Extra from Spending on The Kitchen Cabinets?

Remodeling of the kitchen includes many factors. One of the important factors is the cabinets. While planning for the finalization of the kitchen cabinets, it is suggested to make sure that you contend well with it.

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Costs of the Cabinets

The average amount required for the remodeling of the kitchen with the dimension of 10foot x 10foot will be around $26,000 to $30,000. Here, you will be spending more than $5000 to $6000 for the cabinets alone.

Saving from Spending Extra for the Cabinets

Here are some of the ways of finding the best options to avoid spending more than required for the kitchen cabinets.

·       Ready to Assemble Cabinets (RTA Cabinets)

Ready to assemble cabinets are the cabinets that are available for order placement in online stores. Once you place the order for the cabinets of your required dimensions, they will then send the pieces along with the instructions to assemble them. They are available at comparatively reasonable price. You can easily order one that fits with the kitchen design. 

·       Cabinets with Paint-Your-Kitchen Option

Painting the cabinets made of wood is just like painting a regular wood-surfaced area. This is not easy in the case of the cabinets that are laminated or are coated with melamine. Melamine works as the shield for the cabinets against dust and dirt particles, and hence many prefer this coating.

Painting on the laminated or melamine-coated areas is quite difficult because they will not let the paint get adhered to their surface.

·       Get the Existing Cabinets Repainted

Instead of going with the idea of getting a new set of cabinets for the kitchen, during the remodeling work, it is suggested to get the existing cabinets repainted, by speaking to your kitchen contractor. They will work on saving as many existing items as possible and will work something out for the remodeling project of your cooking area.

·       Cabinet Refacing is an Excellent Idea

Instead of the complete replacement of the kitchen cabinets, it is suggested to go with the idea of cabinet refacing. It is just like giving a facelift to the cabinets with the help of the right kind of doors, hinges, screws, and so on.

·       Transformation into the Rust-Oleum Cabinets

Transformation of the cabinets with the help of the kitchen company is just like making the cabinets rust-proof with the help of some options such as topcoat bonding, decorative glaze, deglosser, bonding coat, and so on. They all work perfectly well with safeguarding your cabinets from possible external influence, and also offer a makeover for your old cabinet boxes.

You can find many such options for saving from spending extra on the cabinets during the remodeling work. Know them and make the right decision.