How to Prepare Your Home for Aging in Place

Aging in place means making your residence compatible for living in all ages. From being a toddler to an aged person, you should have the right home to live in.

The Centre for Disease Control defined this term and emphasized its significance for a better life to live. A sense of safety, independence, serenity, and hygiene is important for innate satisfaction.

Significant Solutions

I have mentioned six important aspects that will help you prepare your home for aging in place. Let’s dive right into it!

Making Everything Accessible

No matter if it is for toddlers or old persons, making everything accessible in your home is important. It simply means that if these are circuit boards, cupboards, handles, equipment, and other stuff. It should be accessible. But the accessibility also means keeping the unwanted things out of bound for kids but approachable for old persons. This can be done in the following ways;

  • Make an open kitchen that is convenient for wheelchairs as well. The counter heights should be between 3 and 4 feet. Along with that, the cupboards should be accessible.
  • Design convenient bathrooms that are not only comfortable, but there are handlebars, accessible sink, and other necessary features included.
  • The bedroom should be on the ground floor as it will keep you from the grind of moving up-down.


Mobility is important, and it should be nice and easy. Try a design that consists of the ground floor, and everything is available on the ground floor as this proves highly helpful if you can’t climb stairs anymore. Also, stairs are not good for old legs. So, the perfect thing is to eradicate the stairs and stay on the ground.

Energy Supply

Where all the other factors are important, energy supply is also very important. The location of your home decides the time that you can spend there. There should be a proper energy supply available in terms of both electricity and gas supply so that you never face any inconvenience and live peacefully no matter what your age is.


The entrance shouldn’t have big steps, it should be spacious, and at least there should be a slop to make it convenient for wheelchairs. The vastness is important to take in the furniture and bigger stuff easily.

Open System

The house should be open, airy, and have big windows because as time passes, you ask for natural light that is sunlight available to you. Thus, an open system is always a better choice.

Cleaning and Hygiene 

Aging in place is not just about design and convenience. Health is also an important factor, and hygiene comes to play its part. The proper cleaning of the house with anti-septic agents is important not only for toddlers but for old people as well. Thus, to make your house a better place to live, you should clean it properly daily.


It is very important to make your house a place convenient to live for people of all ages. Because when you get old, all you need is comfort and convenience. So, why not plan it earlier?