Some people are allured by ethnic touch to their residence, and there is nothing more perfect and elegant than a classic wooden door with an attractive design for your house. The same goes for the garage door. A wooden garage door has some hidden charm to it that entices every eye. You can get your custom garage door in Oregon by RW garage doors. However, if you already own one and want to keep it as new as it was installed, you need to follow some easy maintenance steps. Here is a simple step guide to you can follow:


To clean your wooden garage door, there is not rocket science to follow. You will need a bucket of warm water, soap and a clean piece of cloth. Damp the cloth with warm soapy water and clean the door softly. This will wipe away all the dirt and spots on the door. Make sure not to scrub the door with anything rough or sharp harshly. This can wash away the smooth finish of the door. Follow this tip once or twice a month.


People usually prefer refreshing the look of their wooden garage doors by staining them. Staining the door doesn’t only allow for freshening the wood’s outlook but also helps to protect it against termites and pest attacks. It also locks the moisture away from the door to prevent the build of any damaging molds. Make sure to stain your door every three to four years or whenever you prefer. Just ensure to use a high-quality stain that is durable and water-resistant. Clean the door with a clean cloth and soapy water to wash the dirt away and let it dry completely. After that, apply the stain with a brush evenly on the wooden surface.


This step is only to be followed for 4-5 years. It keeps away the moisture and other seeping creatures that live on wood, such as termites. Also, sanding the door increases the house’s durability by filling up the cracks and holes in the door. It also discards the wood’s upper damaged layer to surface up the more resistant and durable layer. Sanding is a hectic task and should be left to professionals.


Due to constant use garage door creates friction that causes squeaky or screeching noises. Also, the mechanical parts of the door require constant lubrication to work well. So, if you notice the garage door’s rough movement or such unusual noises, it’s time to lubricate the door parts. But be delicate with the process as over oiling can cause excessive sliding or dirt build-up.


With proper maintenance, it is also necessary that you should get your door inspected from time to time to avoid any mishap. There might be parts or problems invisible to your eye, but an expert can detect the problem quickly. Look for dents, cracks, or chipping paint on the door. Check the door sensitivity to the signal. Track the door’s movement and observe any unusual thing happening while the door moves. Check the alignment of the door to the ground. If you find anything fishy, call a professional repair service right away.


If you have an old door or a door that needs constant repairs, it is time to invest in a new wooden one. It will get you several benefits like having a soundproof garage, the better value of your property, camera feeds from your door, intelligent functions, minimalistic design in your house’s overall look, and much more. When it comes to having a custom garage door, Oregon is the best place to invest as there are several experts ready to help you out at your beck and call. Call up your nearest garage door repair jacksonville fl service and get the job done in no time.