How to Install Marble Fireplace?  

Are you planning to upgrade your fireplace? If yes, you might want to consider upgrading to the marble fireplace. How to install marble fireplace? The process is easy if you hire an expert, but thanks to online tips and hacks, it is now possible to learn how to renew marble fireplace even if you don’t have the professional background.

The basic steps are discussed below:

  • Planning and obtaining the proper measurement

The first thing you should do is have a concrete plan, and a significant part of planning is getting the right measure. The height and width dimension should be exact, including the placement of the marble and pattern.

  • Prepare the marble’s surface

See to it that the marbles are flats and level. If there are hallow spots, level them with a thin coat using thinset compound. You can also apply stress crack materials, which you can easily buy at the leading hardware stores. Such materials are a big help as they prevent cracking when the heat is applied. More so, they make sure that the surface is clean and blemish-free.

  • Dry fit design

Install a strip of wood at the top areas of the marble fireplace surround. Work your way from the top going down. With the help of a double-sided masking tape, dry fit the marble int place. Check for every piece and see if they need to be trimmed. A special marble cutting saw is used to cut the marble cleanly.

  • Put thinset and marble

For the marble to adhere to the stress crack membrane, you have to apply a thinset coating. Coax the marbles in their position by applying a gentle pressure using a rubber mallet. In general, it would take 24 hours for the marble to thoroughly stick to the surrounding structure of the fireplace.

  • Sealing and grouting

Use high-quality sealing compound to seal the marble and finish it off with a grout. Wait for the grout to dry up before cleaning with a dry cloth. Rinse with water several times and wash thoroughly.

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