How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost? Here’s A Quick Guide To Understand Quotes You Receive

Asking for a quote for gutter cleaning can be a puzzling endeavor if you do not know how you are being charged. While each roofing company will have its own set of computations for gutter cleaning services, it would do you good to know what factors affect the pricing.

Area of your property

The bigger your home is, the pricier your gutter cleaning service will be. This only makes sense as a bigger property’s roof would be lined with longer gutters. It’s only fair to charge a higher price if the area they need to clean is bigger too.


Sometimes, they need to do more than just gutter cleaning. To maintain your gutters, your roofing company will also have to fix leaks, repair and replace gutter parts which may not be suitable for use anymore, and replace or repair brackets that might have gotten out of place.


The slant of your roof will also play a big factor in the price of your gutter cleaning service. If the roof is very steep and cannot be walked on, you will have to pay more because your gutters will be more difficult to clean. The professionals cleaning your home’s gutter will need to use harnesses and ladders to access your gutters. You might also be paying for insurances of those who are working on your home.

Roof material

Some roofs may be walked on and some cannot be stepped on even if they are flat. Inaccessibility of the gutters because of your roofing material can also hike up the price of gutter cleaning. This is only fair as it is riskier to clean gutters in roofs which are difficult to access.

Regular cleaning

The state of your gutters will generally determine the price of gutter cleaning services. If you regularly have your gutters cleaned, some roofing companies could even give you discounts because it will be easier and faster to clean out your gutters. If you have not had your gutters cleaned in years, expect the bill to be bigger. There will probably be repairs and replacements needed, and if you have been dealing with blockages, the leak might have caused some damage to your main roof as well.


You must also take note that the cheapest gutter cleaning service is also not always the best. As with everything, sometimes you pay for security and skill. Hiring a cheap but amateur roofing company for gutter services can be detrimental to your home. It can cause pricier damages so always weigh things before signing up with a roofing contractor.


If you want more security before hiring a roofing company, asking for personal recommendations is best. You can also read online reviews but you need to be very critical when it comes to this. Try to ascertain if the recommendation is from a real client. Try to research on how long the company has been around and if they have insurance for their workers. This can save you a lot of money should any accidents happen while they are working on your roof’s gutters.

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