How much does a kitchen renovation cost? 

Your kitchen is one of the most important areas of your house where maximum work is conducted. While a large kitchen is suggested, many people have small kitchens and within that limited space maximum utility is stored. Whenever considering to renovate your kitchen, you need to analyse the size of the kitchen. 

The kitchen renovation costs would vary depending on the type of upgrades you want to make. Also, the materials you will be installing will have an important role in the overall cost.

Here are some of the anticipated costs which will help you decide the best for your kitchen. 


The kitchen needs floor and wall tiles in the best condition. Especially, when you’re adding a backsplash to your kitchen, you will need to include them in your renovation procedure. To determine the tiling costs, you will need to analyse the floor and wall size. Also, the backsplash tiles will have an important role to play. Apart from tiling, you will also need to consider labour charges. The cost of the material and tile you will be installing will help you analyse the best. 


Kitchen countertops are available in different materials such as quartz, granite, marble, solid surface and more. The total cost of installing a countertop in the kitchen is completely dependent on running feet. 

People prefer quartz and granite over other countertop materials. However, marble can suit the purpose pretty nicely too. Well, solid surface and quartz countertops can be very expensive, which is why you will want only special contractors to work with it. The contractors may either charge you on running feet or give you a total estimated cost. 

Kitchen sink

Before knowing the cost of a kitchen sink, you should know what would be the ideal size of your kitchen sink. The kitchen sinks are available in different sizes and designs. You also need to select from the wide variety of faucet finishes. It is better to reach out to an experienced plumbing labor to find the exact cost for installing a kitchen sink. This would vary depending on the selection and area you want to install the kitchen sink in. Check for interior designer for your HDB flat in Singapore.


The kitchen cabinets are made of upper cabinets and the lower ones containing shuttered panels and drawers. It is better to use high-quality materials for making the cabinets with proper finishing. 

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