How Does Fingerprint Scanning System Work? 

If you think your door locks are secure, you are highly mistaken until and unless you have a solid lock that could be either in the form of a digital door (ประตูดิจิตอล, which is the term in Thai) or something else. It is very easy to break the traditional locks; even the locks secured by passwords are not secure, as the online password can easily get hacked and changed. 

Hence, then one question in your mind would be, how can we exactly protect our valuables? The answer is pretty simple and right in front of us. One of the best ways is to use the advanced fingerprint scanning system which is almost next to impossible to forge. Fingerprint scanners have become very popular nowadays. You can easily find them everywhere, right from being present at the ATMs, laptops and computers, residential and commercial buildings, to offices. 

If you are wondering how the digital door or other sensor systems work, then here we will discuss their working briefly to give you a fair idea about the same.  

How Does Fingerprint Scanning System Work? 

Unlike how the fingerprint scanning system (ระบบสแกนลายนิ้วมือ, term in Thai) works in the police stations, very different and sophisticated methods are used to control individuals’ access in commercial or residential areas when using fingerprint systems.  

In this case, a dedicated computer is responsible for scanning the finger’s surface area rapidly and then turning around the representation of the finger scanned into the code, which can be checked through a connected database. But, how does this take place? 

Optimally, there are about two to three finger scanning methods, which are – ultrasonic scanner, capacitive scanner, an optical scanner. 

Scans are not like digital photos, as scans have to be of very high resolution and are designed in such a manner that they can capture the details – contrast, and brightness so that the ridges of the fingers and various other vital details can get matched accurately to the scans which were taken priorly. ‘Quality Control’ is considered to be a vital part of the fingerprint system.  

Usage Of Fingerprint Scanning 

Fingerprint scanning is currently considered one of the most secure biometric technology as it is simple to use. Instead of storing a large amount of data for security purposes which can be leaked, one can store fingerprints and confirm the identity, which is far more secure.