How Can You Play Golf Without Leaving Your Home?

Like any other sports, golfing performance can also be greatly improved with proper training. This training can take place in many forms, e.g. doing sports that will work on similar sets of skills, and designing your training routine that will focus on your weaknesses.

Often as golf players, we may be limited due to weather, which can make it even more important to create a solid routine that can help you to progress in your golfing. Keeping that in mind, we have offered a few tips to keep your golfing skills in proper tune if you are not in the proper range. can also offer you much info regarding golf from where, you can check these best golf courses in Louisiana so that if you ever visit there you can easily find a suitable golf course for you to play.

10 Ways to improve your golf swing - without leaving home! - Arabella  Country Estate

The following are a few lists of the Best Golf Courses as per their ranking order:

  • Koasati Pines at Coushatta
  • La Tour Golf Club
  • TPC Louisiana
  • The Golden Nugget Country Club 
  • The University Club
  • Links on the Bayou
  • English Turn Golf Club
  • The Stone Bridge Golf Club
  • Carter Plantation
  • Pelican Point Golf Club 

The following are the few ways to keep you ready for golf even without visiting any golf course.

Swing exercises

The swinging exercises are very difficult to perform without going to any golf course as they will need muscles and a combination of skills. However, you can breakdown all the elements of this movement for your training by doing these exercises:


  • Basketball drill


In the swing, your legs and hips are very important. A good way of practicing correct leg posture will be by keeping a basketball between your legs. You can repeat this several times, and allow the ball to drop till you have mastered it.


  • The hanger-drill


Your wrists are very important to get a good swing. Besides good wrist strength, you must also ensure they are not held properly while hitting the ball. Practice this by taking a hanger and grab it like you grab your club.

Putting exercises

Putting will be a little easier to get trained indoors as it will not require a very large space. To own indoor putting green is not too difficult. It is easily available online very cheaply.

Flexibility and strength exercises

A good swing needs sufficient upper body strength, back, good hip, and lower body flexibility, along with strong static strength, which will provide stability. The following few exercises can be done at home to improve upon your strength. 


  • Hip crossover


You can lie on the floor by keeping your back on the ground, and stretch the arms to your side and lift knees to form a 90º angle. Keep your arms and shoulders in contact with the ground to bring your knees at one side and to the other.


  • Planks 


Working on your planks can improve your stability. There can be several variations of this kind of exercise, but keep it simple with any front plank.