Handy Tips for Cleaning Your Quilt Covers

If you plan to buy some doona covers for your home, you must be thinking about the maintenance. The good news is that they are easily washable and can be reused frequently. They are durable, and they keep your quilt safe and comfortable.

Here is how you can monitor your cleaning and protect the condition of your covers:

  1. Please do not wash them regularly, but you can clean them once a month. Washing them too frequently can spoil the tenacity of the material. It becomes more vulnerable to wear and tear. Increase the life span of your quilt covers by keeping a check on how often you clean them.
  2. To avoid cleaning them with water, you can make sure that they do not get dirty too quickly. Be careful of what you keep on the bed. Avoid keeping greasy, oily food, lipsticks and other makeup products carelessly on the bed. Also, keep in mind to keep your pets away from the quilt covers.
  3. If you have a lacey cover or something delicate, it is preferable to send it for dry cleaning. Avoid scrubbing it at home as it may tamper with the design. Send it a cleaning service where they will provide the best care.
  4. You must use warm or cold water for cleaning them. Avoid using strong detergents and pick a mild one. Always use low heat to dry the covers. This keeps them soft and fresh always.
  5. If you accidentally spill coffee or paint on your covers, make sure that you do not let it dry. It would be best if you cleaned it immediately with baking soda or your preferred stain remover. If in case the stain dries, make sure to scrape it off first before washing.

Try to choose pure dark colours if you are worried about stains or may buy printed ones too. Manchester Collection gives you many options in a variety of shades and styles. Choose Manchester quilt covers for a beautifully decorated home.