Guide on How to Choose the Right Material for Wall Panels

Not only are panels made from natural wood are exquisite, but they also provide strong thermal and acoustic insulation. There are no grouting lines, which collect dirt or oxidize, unlike tile cladding. In fact, one of the pros of wooden panels is the ease of repair and replacement. If its surface is damaged, wooden panels can be filed down and resealed to revitalize its appearance. Even if the damage is severe, without much disruption to the remaining wall, the panel can be replaced.

As for the drawbacks of using wooden wall panel indoor, if they come into contact with water, it will begin to rot as they are not waterproof. When you find rotting, you should sand the panel down immediately or consider replenishment. Take into consideration that there will be plenty of repair work for wood panels. Wood can lose its natural moisture, mainly in air-conditioned rooms, so every now and then you need to have a seal applied to retain the moisture in.

Fiberboard of medium-density

MDF is also known as a medium-density fiberboard is a type of wood-based product made by binding small parts of woods together with resin under pressure and extreme heat. The primary benefit of using medium-density fiberboard is that it is inexpensive, and by dyeing it, it can be designed to appear like wood. Therefore, for a reasonable price, you will pay for real wood panels, you can get the natural woody look you have been dreaming about. Compared to oak, however, medium-density wood is thin, so when under strain, it can chip or break. This is why when you’re installing it, you need to be very careful. Another downside of MDF is that it takes a lot of nails to be mounted, but it doesn’t go really well with nails at the same time.

Fabric panels 

There is a variety of wonderful fabric wall panels to choose from if you want anything else on the lighter side. It is suitable for mounting fabric panels on smooth and hard walls. They make a space more comfortable, and they have a relaxed feel. If you’re looking for sound insulation, though, then choose cushioned walls that give you the same soft effect, but with strong insulating properties. Upholstered walls are more costly though, but if you’re looking to increase their use, it can be worth the investment.

PVC panels

PVC panels are long lasting, sturdy, fire-tolerant, sanitary, and simple to maintain, according to experts. As they are waterproof and quick to clean, they are suitable for use in toilets, shower rooms, and kitchens. Panels made of PVC are coated with a glossy or matte lacquer that can be protective. It’s a good idea for a children’s bedroom, or for someone who is allergic to dust, so the surface does not collect dust.Another benefit is that the installation process is relatively fast and simple for PVC panels. This is mainly because, according to the ideal size and shape, the material is simple to cut.