Glass Photo Prints – A Guide About the Advantages that Makes Them So Popular 

Wall decor is the best way to refine the interiors of a home as well as an office space. When exclusively talking about wall art, it’s been paintings on canvas that people have used for a very long time. However, these pictures do not last much. Ergo, they get dull over the course of time. That’s because no matter what quality paper you use, paper will always wilt. Which is why more and more people are optioning for fabric prints nowadays. 

Fabric prints like the Big Acrylic fabric prints on glass offer stellar benefits that can make every picture lifelike – just like the sophisticated paintings you see in art exhibitions. If you too are looking forward to better options for wall decor, then this guide on the amazing advantages of glass photo prints is just the right choice for you. So, let’s get started without further ado.

  1. Glass Photo Prints are Vibrant

There’s no better material than glass for the purpose of getting glossy and vibrant prints. The colors on glass with the flatbed printer lets the colors pop out right away. This is also one reason that glass photo prints offer HD-like clarity.

  1. Glass Photo Prints are Durable

The colors, graphics, and texts on acrylic glass – a kind of Plexiglass – are smudge resistant, scratch resistant, as well as moisture resistant. Which is why these photo prints last for a very very long time. 

Besides, since they are heat resistant and moisture resistant, they are ideal for wet rooms like bathrooms too. 

  1. Glass Photo Prints are Super Light

Unlike canvas paintings that can be bulky, the glass photo prints are lightweight. As a result:

  • It’s very easy and safe to hang them on the wall. 
  • There’s no damage caused to the wall or the painting in the long run. 
  1. Glass Photo Prints Do not Require any Special Maintenance Treatment 

Aside from the fact that elite sellers like Big Acrylic make these photo prints affordable, these prints are further economical since they do not have any special maintenance needs. All you need is a wet cloth and it will get rid of all the dust as well as the finger prints on the photo print.

  1. Glass Photo Prints Offer Variety

These popular options are highly customizable options since they can be made in different sizes and different shapes. You can contact the sellers on their website,, for more details on the shapes and sizes. 

Moving on, the finish and texture of glass photo prints varies as well. The most phenomenal options include:

  • Classic black and white prints. 
  • Classic silhouetted and shadowed designs. 
  • Colorful pictures with multiple hues. 

All in all, glass photo prints are the perfect pieces whether you want to cherish the artwork of your child, a valuable memory from your vacations, as well as even random pictures that you like.