Getting Rid of Cockroaches in Condos and How?

You might be wrong to think that cockroaches wouldn’t bother you because you live in a high-rise apartment. While living in condos keep you far from the ground, it doesn’t imply that you get to live a life free of cockroaches. On the contrary, your possibilities of living with cockroaches are on the higher side because you reside in a neighborhood.

Is it Possible to Eliminate Cockroaches from Your Condos?

So how to get rid of cockroaches in condos (วิธี กํา จัด แมลงสาบ ใน คอน โด, which is the term in Thai)? The first step would be to summon an exterminator and take over the issue. An exterminator, however, cannot promise you a long-term solution. It is your habits and a few tricks that shall help you get rid of the annoying cockroaches.

Get in Touch with the Management

If you live in a condo, it is the responsibility of the property of the building manager to eliminate the pests. Sit with them and seek their response on the matter and how are they planning to get rid of the creepy-crawlies. The property manager conducts regular pest control measures. Chances are, that you might be able to enjoy reduced rates for pest control services compared to the pest control agencies that you search on your own.

Get Rid of Paper and Cardboard

If cockroaches bother you, try eliminating cardboard and paper products from your condo. You would be surprised to learn that cockroaches feast on these materials. Paper equals rice to them and they serve-up as starch. If you have no other options than storing these items in your unit, then better store them in bio-degradable containers.

Scent Can Keep Cockroaches Away

Are you having too many cockroaches at home? Try spreading powder and cinnamon sticks around your condo. Oil and citronella plants can keep cockroaches at bay. You can also douse cotton balls in these scents and keep them behind your refrigerators and under the cabinets to repel cockroaches.

These are some of the best natural remedies that let you breathe.

Conduct a Thorough Cleaning

Maintaining cleanliness is one of the best pest deterrents, but cleaning regularly might not be enough. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner as it lets you reach hidden and inaccessible corners and areas in your condo.

Apart from this, sealing of dustbins, repairing the cracks, and disposal of waste regularly can prevent cockroaches from entering your condos. Pests are pretty irksome, but you need not live with them. While there might be no exclusive way of guaranteeing the complete elimination of cockroaches, regular habits can go a long way in minimizing the number of cockroaches in your condo.