Effective Features Installed for a Safe and Comfortable Wet Room

The presence of a wet room denotes the intelligent planning of a bathroom layout. The Coventry wet room installation helps in maintaining the longevity of bathroom cabinets and other features that can be harmed by excess moisture. Hence, it increases the functionality of the entire bathroom and makes it a safe place for users of all ages. Expert builders plan the wet room with features for the better safety of people while using the bathroom.

Create a shower zone – It is best to install a stylish shower cubicle in a bathroom, which serves as the wet room. The installation of a glass screen also fulfils the purpose of keeping the rest of the bathroom dry. However, both shower cubicle and glass screen demand a considerable amount of space that is not available in a small bathroom. Hence, a shower curtain can be put up to separate the wet room from the dry zone.

Personalization of the wet room – Normally, the Coventry wet room installation comprises a shower, a wall-mounted shelf, and a towel rack.  Modern architects suggest installing a hand shower to a tap, for the convenience of aged people and children. Thus, users do not need to adjust themselves to the height of the shower, as it is more comfortable to hold the showerhead in hand and have a bath. However, a mirror is not feasible in a wet room, as its visibility will be hampered due to drops of water splashing on its surface.

Installation of safe flooring tiles – The floor of the wet room should be waterproof, as its surface remains wet most of the time.  Thus, tiles made of ceramic, stone, or vinyl can be used as the flooring material.  Waterproof ceramic tiles can be cleaned easily and more durable than glass surfaces; though not slip-resistant. Marble and granite are natural stones that can be used for flooring and render a stylish look to the bathroom, though very expensive for common people. Therefore, vinyl flooring is considered most suitable for Coventry wet room installation, as it is slip-resistant, highly durable, and also more affordable than other options.

Suitable heights of taps and shower – A tap should be installed around 30 cm from the sink or approximately 80 cm from the floor. The showerhead fixed on the wall should have a height of 120 cm to accommodate adults of average heights. Taps and showerheads of stylish designs can increase the beauty of a wet room and make bathing an enjoyable experience.

Therefore, the Coventry wet room installation will keep the bathroom in hygienic condition and make house owners proud of their bathrooms.