Ecovacs Deebot N79 Review

Ecovacs Deebot N79 Review | Grab it Under $100

Ecovacs Deebot Vacuum

Ecovacs Deebot N79


Amazon Review



  • Smart Motion System Helps Smooth Transition
  • Versatile and Deep Cleaning Robot
  • 5 Selective Cleaning Modes
  • V-shaped Main Brush for Thorough Cleaning
  • WiFi Connectivity Option
  • Can be Connected to Application for Remote Supervision
  • 2600 mAh Powerful Battery with ~100 Minute Runtime
  • Schedule Cleaning


  • Ineffective on High Pile Carpet
  • Can't Clean Larger Debris
  • No Voice Control
  • Leaves Spots
  • No E-mapping
  • No Virtual Boundary

ECOVACS DEEBOT N79, A Robotic Vacuum with Powerful Suction, Cleans Low-pile Carpet, Hard floor, WiFi Connected

Whoooa, a deal under $100 for Ecovacs Deebot N79? It’s okay to be closefisted, and you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for a product which may cost you within three-figure penny. Many of you must be mulling about the price discussed here. The cost of brand new Ecovacs Deebot N79 Vacuum Cleaner is no less than $229, it is true, but there is a catch.

We are about to reveal how you can get the deal done under $100. The product we are talking about is under Amazon’s “Renewed” product category.

What is “Amazon Renewed”

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amazon renewed
Amazon Renewed

These products have minimal or no signs of use with a minimum of 6 months of suppliers backed warranty.

The best part of this initiative is that the renewed product offers all the functions as promised by the manufacturer, and even the accessories are generic.

No visible or technical imperfections are going to bother you after buying the product. When held 12 inches away, you are not going to notice any noticeable flaw in any of the product purchased under “Amazon Renewed.”

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What We Think

“Amazon Renewed” is a program that should establish the connection of trust and reliability among lower and middle-class society. It is a platform where anyone can bite the taste of advancing technology at a lower price. People have some misconceptions about the product sold under the Renewed or Refurbished category.

We want to make you aware that the product sold under the “Amazon Renewed” category hardly give a hard time to its buyers, thanks to qualified technicians.

Therefore, we vote for “Amazon Renewed” initiative.

About Ecovacs Deebot N79

Ecovacs has embedded intelligent systems in the unit out of which “Automatic Charging” Option has drawn our attention. When the battery out of charge, it returns to its charging base without human intervention and goes back to its work after the completion of charge.

Ecovacs Deebot N79 is a versatile and accomplished vacuum cleaner for cleaning home. It is a solution for those who can’t perform physical activity and for those who are short of time in their life. Most of the people have to go to the office resulting in scarcity of time. These people now have a better option to put their cleaning needs on a capable robot.

The deep cleaning system, as claimed by “Ecovacs” is the prominent integration in the unit to help clean your home with ease.

Circular in shape with “DEEBOT” logo in the forefront, N79 may be the permanent solution for your cleaning efficiency.

Design of Ecovacs Deebot N79

The circular design of the robot is aesthetically a plus point. The controller button (Auto mode button and WiFi Indicator Light) is inlaid on the forefront of the faceplate along with “DEEBOT” inscribed just below the controller button. Below “DEEBOT,” therefore is a logo of Ecovacs. On its outer ring, there is dust bin release button, power adaptor port, and power switch.

Design of N79
Design of N79
1. Anti-collision Sensor2. Control Panel3. Dust Bin Release Button
4. Charging Contacts5. Battery Cover6. Driving Wheels
7. Power Adapter Port8. Power Switch9. Anti-drop Sensors
10. Universal Wheel11. Side Brushes12. Main Brush / 13. Dust Bin

The anti-collision sensors and bumper are also inlaid over the controller button on the very outer ring of the robot. It also has anti-drop sensors embedded inside the robot. All through its design, the technology is worth demonstrating along with aesthetic looks.


The Remote has Following buttons and Features:

N79 Remote
N79 Remote
  • LCD Screen
  • Return to Charger Mode Button
  • AUTO Mode Button
  • Direction Control Buttons
  • START/PAUSE Button
  • Time Scheduling Button
  • Set Current Time Button
  • Spot Cleaning Mode Button
  • Single Room Mode Button
  • Network Setup Button
  • Edge Cleaning Mode Button
  • Infrared Emitter

The Wow Factor of Ecovacs Deebot N79 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

It has multiple cleaning modes, namely Auto Cleaning Mode, Spot Cleaning Mode, Edge Cleaning Mode, Single Room Mode, and last but not the least, return to charger mode. Auto cleaning mode is the most used feature of this vacuum cleaner.

Smart MOTION system ensured seamless cleaning experience without any intervention from the human side. Room of any size and shape can be cleaned through a repetitive yet advanced cleaning mechanism.

It has a V-shaped first brush through which one can ensure optimum performance of cleaning. Carpet cleaning is something which can be achieved through a V-shaped brush. This ticks the deeper cleaning box with positivity.

WiFi connectivity is the plus point along with an option to connect the machine to a specially designed application by ECOVACS. You have the option to connect it to the “ECOVACS App” and supervise the robot from anywhere at the tip of your finger.

It also gives you more power in your hand by granting you the scheduling function. You can schedule cleaning from anywhere through mobile app or remote. It also has a high-efficiency filter as it reduces airborne contributors associated with allergies and asthma.


It has powerful battery which may run as long as 100 minutes without disruptions. It has 2600 mAh battery.

Safety Sensors and Technology

Obstacle detection technology helps your robot identify possible collision with your costly articles. The sensor also helps the robotic vacuum cleaner shy away from potential damage.

Its stair safety technology minimizes the risk of possibly falling from stairs and steep altitudes. It helps protect Ecovacs Deebot N79 attain any wear or tear.


  • Specifications
  • Smart Functions
  • Ease of Use
  • Cleaning Mechanisms
Model No.DN622 / Deebot N79
Weight2.34 Kgs
Max Door Sill Crossing1.4 cm
Noise64 db
Dust Bin Capacity300 ml
Voice SupportNo
Smart ModeSmart Motion
Working ModeAuto, Spot, Edge, Single Room
Continuation ModeNo
Voice ReportNo
Carpet IdentificationNo
Auto ChargingYes
Application ControlYes
Virtual BoundaryNo
Movement ControlYes
Working Mode SwitchYes
Remote ControlYes
Time SchedulingYes
SuctionMain Brush
Surface CoveredBare Floor, Hard Floor, Hardwood and Carpet
Runtime~100 Minutes
FilterHigh Efficiency Filter
Side BrushDual

How it Cleans

Its V-shaped main brush, coupled with high-efficiency filters gives it unprecedented control over cleaning purposes. Its side brush is efficient enough to pull in debris and other dirt inside it. Smart motion technology helps this robot to seamlessly roam around your room and to every nook of your home.

Its high-efficiency filters play a crucial role in eliminating asthma and allergy-causing dust, hence establishing a healthy flow of air in your home. Debris, kitty litter, powder, and more are on to the target of Ecovacs Deebot N79 robotic vacuum cleaner.

You can select between cleaning modes. Below are some of the cleaning modes and their functionality for cleaning purposes.

Auto Cleaning Mode: In this mode, Deebot cleans in a straight line until it meets any obstacle and then changes direction.

Spot Cleaning Mode: Highly concentrated dirt or dust area is the target of the robot in this mode.

Edge Cleaning Mode: Best for cleaning edges and nooks of the room.

Single Room Mode: This works best when you have to clean a single room.

Return to Charger Mode: When setting in this mode, the robot automatically returns to its charging base if the battery is about to exhaust.

Package Contents of Ecovacs Deebot N79

  • Deebot N79

  • Charging Dock with Power Adapter
  • Remote Control with Battery
  • 4 Side Brushes
  • Power Adapter
  • Sponge and High-Efficiency Filter
  • Instruction Manual

Regular Maintenance Guide

  • Accessories Maintenance and Replacement Frequency
Robot PartMaintenance FrequencyReplacement Frequency
Dust BinAfter Each Use-
Side BrushOnce every two weeks3-6 Months
Main BrushOnce per week6-12 Months
Sponge Filter/High Efficiency FilterOnce Per week (Twice per week with pets)Every 4-6 Months
Charging Dock PinsOnce Per Week-
Charging ContactsOnce Per Week-
Anti Drop SensorsOnce Per Week-
Universal WheelOnce Per Week-


Ecovacs Deebot N79 robotic vacuum cleaner is a budget-friendly cleaning character ready to take-over your manual cleaning efforts. Though it is not the best in the market as compared to Roomba 671or other counterparts in the market, it’s worth every bit of your penny. Ecovacs Deebot N79 perhaps is the cheapest Robotic Vacuum with WiFi Connectivity available in the market.

It is a versatile deep cleaner machine, but we advise you not expecting very much from this vacuum. It certainly is an excellent buy for first-time vacuum users. But, if you have hands-on experience on some of the significant robotic vacuums such as Roomba 891, the deal will not make any good fortune for you.

Under $100, I must say the deal is not going to bother you as you can get it below the half-price range.

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