Does lighting candles indoors attract evil spirits?

There is no danger of attracting lesser spirits when lighting candles at home, as they do not have the strength to remain in the environment unless summoned. Think carefully. Imagine the amount of spirits that would circulate in your home. It would be uninhabitable. However, some precautions are necessary so that no accident occurs. When leaving, extinguish the flame, place it on a plate and glue its base with melted wax.

Why lighting candle is a good sign?

Why do we use the flame of spiritual candles after all, whether it is for God, Our Lady, Saints or angels? Fire is the symbol of the mental plane and lighting a candle is a way to activate a request to take you faster to the heavenly plane. In its flame the forces of nature are activated; the union of wax and wick – fire and air -, which are consumed in the burning flame, represents the synthesis of all the elements of nature. When you lit it, it symbolizes the individuation of the ascending life, the light of the soul and as a link between human beings and the higher planes. Jesus spoke of the “light of our faith”, comparing it to the flame of a candle, and the one who lives with faith also shines with the light, that is, whoever avoids evil by helping people, practicing love and love alone, illuminates everyone around you. He taught us: “When we light a candle, we place it, not under the table, but on the candlestick, that it may give light to all who are at home. 

The meaning of each candle color

For each type of request, a candle color can be used so that, when we visualize, the brain acts so that our aura reflects it; it is through this alchemical process that superior beings receive our requests.

White candle

It represents purity and sincerity. It is used to achieve peace of mind, harmony and balance at home. It drives away the “contrary genius” that could be manifested in the environment, causing misunderstandings between people.

Blue candle

This color is the symbol of truth, tranquility and understanding. It is also related to cleanliness and transparency of behavior. It should be used when the order is business related.

Yellow candle

It symbolizes life, joy, strength, enthusiasm, power and vigor of the mind. Sharpen intelligence and reasoning. This color favors changes and study.

Vela Rosa

It represents beauty, love and morality. It should be used in love affairs (favoring the meeting of soul mates) or to strengthen affective and filial relationships.

Vela Verde

It symbolizes calm, tranquility and balance. It must be lit when the order is health-related.

Violet or lilac candle

This color has a strong connection with spirituality. It should be used when the request is associated with spirituality or transform negative feelings into love.

Red candle

Represents dynamism, strength and courage and can be used in any situation related to emergency or urgent requests.

Therefore, now that you know the importance of lighting candles and their different spiritual meaning, we recommend you to buy spiritual candles from Nu-Botanics.