DIY House Cleaning Guide

You may hate household cleaning and choose to do “the least.” Or, on the contrary, you may be one of those who clean thoroughly every day. But, in both cases, it is not easy to make a house clean because there are always places, objects, or inhospitable corners in the home that, if we look at them carefully, may not be so impeccable or, above all, disinfected. Sometimes, it is not enough to have and use many cleaning products for each thing, but focusing and knowing some tricks to get rid of once and for all of the most harmful and resistant bacteria. These are just a few diy house cleaning guide examples:

1. Cool mattresses with baking soda

Most of us don’t do much to clean our mattresses except buy mattress covers and wash the sheets, blankets, comforters, or comforters. But this is not enough.

You can still remove many more bacteria, dust mites, and the dust your bed emits. And in a short time. At least once a month, vacuum your mattress and apply a fair amount of baking soda. Let the baking soda work for a few hours to absorb the odors, then vacuum again, and you’re done! You’ll have a cleaner mattress, with fewer dust mites and bacteria at bedtime.

2. Disinfect your microwave pads

I’m sure that more than once, you have used the kitchen scourers not only to wash the utensils, dishes, and other kitchen items but also for the worktops. And this gesture is quite unfortunate given the millions of bacteria you are spreading throughout the kitchen. What is the solution?

Slightly wet the scourers and put them in the microwave for 90 seconds at full power. According to research published in the Journal of Environmental Health, it will reduce bacterial contamination by up to 99%. So, make sure that the scouring pads are not metallic!

3. Make your bathroom accessories shine with wax paper

The shower, the drains. The elements of the bathroom are among the dirtiest places in the home. A recent study published in the Applied and Environmental Microbiology (AEM) reveals that many sinks are full of highly resistant bacteria, mainly when used in heating appliances, such as hot air dryers. This is why the natural use of bathroom accessories causes them to wear out and make them look less clean, even after being disinfected.

What is the solution? First, disinfect all surfaces with an antibacterial cleaner; then wipe the taps, shower, and sinks with a little wax paper. This will help remove water stains, but the wax will also help prevent others in the future.

4. Clean the coffee machine with a little vinegar

The coffee maker is another accessory we use every day. And, possibly, a few times. Much research suggests that coffee makers are a veritable hotbed of bacterial activity and that we may be ingesting. In the face of this, how can you fight them?

Fill the tank of your coffee maker with a few spoonfuls of white vinegar mixed with water, and shake it well. Then put some water again to eliminate the smell of vinegar and shake again. The result will not be a shiny coffee maker like a new pot, but very well disinfected.

5. Get rid of the traditional mop

The time has come to remove the conventional mop refills from your shopping list and replace them with a microfiber cloth. This way, your home will be cleaner and less contaminated in a short time. Damp mops tend to harbor so many bacteria that they cannot be easily cleaned with chemicals. However, single-use microfiber mops can be avoided and are ideal for keeping your home cleaner.