Different Types of Outdoor Pergola Roof Materials

Pergolas represent a nifty and cutting-edge shading solution that will help upscale the outlook of your home and keep you protected from various outdoor conditions. More and more homeowners strive to get uniquely designed pergolas as their style, size, and shape can be perfectly adapted to fit and cover any patio, garden, or deck area, and help your house look sensational. As you can get timid sunlight through and get partial shelter and shade, pergolas are a perfect addition to any backyard. However, you should see what type of pergola roof material would suit you the best when you head out to choose your next backyard relaxation heaven. Here is a thorough helping guide to help you choose the ideal outdoor pergola roof material.

Plastic or fiberglass pergolas

The thing that differentiates fiberglass and plastic pergolas is that they are one of the most inexpensive pergola roof materials on the market and at the same time quite durable and permanent.  Another significant characteristic is that both roofing materials allow complete light exposure but also keep rain and harsh UV rays from passing through. Plastic is more lightweight than fiberglass and the panels come in various sizes so they are easy to adjust to any house. On the other hand, fiberglass is not such common material and it’s harder to find but it’s utterly safe for the environment as it’s made from recycled materials.

Aluminium pergolas

Amongst timber and steel, aluminium is the most corrosion-resistant material there is. The best thing about aluminium material is that it’s powder-coated which means that it won’t rust and won’t get affected by water. Plus, the reason why aluminium pergola roof is the best is that the material is strong and lightweight which makes it a fantastic retractable solution. No matter if you opt for mechanized or manually adjusted louvers, an aluminium roof will seal out any corrosion-inducing weather consequences so you could open your pergola without a worry. Aluminium pergolas give out exquisite look and they easily blend with any modern architecture and design.

Wooden pergolas

Wood might never cease to be a popular shading solution as it’s strong, versatile, and rather cheap. Wooden pergola roofs are simply put – unique, vintage, and classy. If you are going to opt for this type of material you have to look at the surroundings and the outlook of your home because it should fit your home’s facade unless you want to repaint or stain it. For your outdoor resting space, wood is a great option if you aim to make an open-air pergola and a gazebo where you could add climbing or trailing plants. Bear in mind that wood rots with time hence you must perform regular maintenance check-ups and if necessary restore the wooden material.

Fabric pergola covers

Fabric paneling or deck pergola covers represent an easy, colorful, and practical way to completely cover your outdoor structure. Fabric is the type of material that can be easily stretched over the rafters and pulled straight to adjust it for your protection preferences. There are numerous types of outdoor fabric covers, sails, and shades, depending on whether you want to protect your furniture from UV rays or just have a light shading option. However, the ordinary fabric is not durable and it merely adds to the visual appeal, so it’s not a good pergola roof material for those who wish to have something long-lasting.

Steel pergolas

Many homeowners go for steel pergolas because they are strong and durable materials, unlike wood. The best feature is that it won’t’ weaken over time and it requires far less maintenance in the long run. The only downside of this outdoor pergola roof material is that it rusts with time so you must use a powder coat for protection. The powder coat will give steel pergola a dazzling, cosmopolitan look and it will adequately reflect sunlight. This material is not “cold” as some people might think but it is more expensive than most wooden pergola roof materials.

When choosing a roof for your pergola think about the weather and usage. You would never make a mistake when choosing the best pergola roof material if you consider the design, aesthetics, practicality, and purpose of your pergola.