Creating Horse Styled Bedrooms With Colours, Furniture And Fabrics 

There is more to horse styled bedrooms than pictures of pretty ponies and world-famous equestrians. Both children and adults love horses and while they want the bedroom to reflect their passion, the horse theme must be subtly woven into the décor. You can also take a bold and whimsical approach in designing the bedroom as a stylish equestrian retreat.

How to create a horse-themed bedroom wall  

The colours you will use for the walls must set the tone for the horse theme. To create a southwestern style, the walls can be painted in bold turquoise or terracotta. To re-create a rustic-looking stable theme, the room can be painted in barnyard red or off-white with the crackle effect. For a more formal equestrian theme, a good choice would be earthy colours like forest green or burgundy. 

A perfect wall décor for horse styled bedrooms is a mural of wild horses galloping across the open prairie. Using an overhead projector, project the image on the wall and trace it using a pencil. After you are done, you can paint the image with latex acrylic. Another option is wall art of horses looking at home inside the bedroom. A display shelf can be used to showcase competition trophies and ribbons including novelty items like horse lamps, customized switch plates, and vases. Peg hooks can be installed on the wall for bridles and harnesses or cowboy hats. 

How to choose furniture for a horse-themed bedroom

Furniture for a horse-theme bedroom is usually made from wood. Unfinished woods or honey-stained blonde woods are good choices for a rustic and casual southwestern look. They can bring the American county charm, particularly when trimmed with studs. You can also opt for an original combination of metal and wood on your sofas, armchairs, tables, beds, cabinets, and dressers. For a more refined look, the four-poster bed can be made from dark stained wood with horse print beddings. 

How to create a horse-themed bedroom with fabrics 

A refined atmosphere can be created with luxurious fabrics like damask for chair cushions, plush velvet draperies, and vintage throw pillows in horse-print fabrics. To re-create a rustic horse theme, choose simple fabrics like rustic red and black plaid or woven print in bold colours with southwestern motifs for the curtains. You can also dispense with fabric curtains and opt for the wooden barn-door-styles shutters. A horse-themed bed bedding is quite common but you have the option of plain bedding in a colour that perfectly coordinates with the colours of the bedroom.  

Lastly, horse styled bedrooms can benefit from a variety of other pieces like a rug that looks like a barn floor with hay on it. A variety of wood-based designs will be perfect with burlap and antiques. Instead of oversized wall murals, an option is portraits of gentle and majestic horses while running free in front of a bright red sunset. Even if your taste leans towards the minimalist and modern, you can still show off your passion for beautiful horses in the bedroom.