Courtyard Plants: How to Create the Perfect Combination

Is there a greater joy for gardeners than seeing their perfect planting combination come to vibrant life? We don’t think so, and so with this in mind we thought we would share a few vital tips for ensuring you create the dream combination in your courtyard or veranda:

  1. Wait for the chill to pass

Australia is blessed with plenty of gorgeous weather and plenty of chill, too. Beautiful garden pots and their warm weather variants prefer to flourish once the winter chill has breathed its last for the year. Therefore, it’s important to wait for that morning chill to pass before planting these gorgeous seasonal varieties!

  1. Evaluate your containers

This is easily one of the best ways to inspire your garden layout and what varieties you will put in each container. Gather your pots and evaluate their colour, shape and size, before deciding which varieties will look absolutely stunning in each container.

  1. Determine the amount of sun for each container

The containers themselves play a big part in the courtyard’s overall aesthetic, especially as there are so many beautiful styles available. However, the varieties you choose to put in them need particular hours of sunlight each day to thrive.

Therefore, it’s important to consider the balance between container location and how much sun the varieties you intend to place in them need each day. Will the container receive significant sunlight in that location? If not, you may have to reevaluate its position to ensure the plant itself will flourish.

  1. Deciding a colour palette

When deciding your courtyard colour palette, it’s important to note what is located behind your containers in their prospective positions. Are there shrubs or a wall behind the container that don’t agree with its aesthetic or the variety that will grow in it? If so, you might want to consider repositioning it to ensure its aesthetic beauty in that location.

  1. Choose your overall style

Like other design aspects, gardening comprises a myriad of styles that differ in colours and textures. For example, do you want to go with pastel colours for a bright and vibrant look? Or, do you want to go with classic blacks and whites for a more minimal approach? This applies to both your containers and the varieties you plant in them, so it’s important to consider what style of containers pair well with the varieties you intend to plant!

  1. Foliage is essential

Sure, your flowering plants are the main attraction, but foliage plants play a massive role in providing a solid foundation for your flowers to thrive. Foliage plants offer a beautiful greenery whilst enhancing the space’s feeling of warmth and welcome. Therefore, it’s important to consider what foliage will be added to support the bright and vibrant colours shining above them.

  1. Don’t forget potting mix

It’s important to use a good mix of potting soil and compost to ensure your beautiful new varieties have a healthy space to flourish. You might even like to consider putting mulch in the bottom of the container if it is particularly large as this will allow for greater drainage in a bigger space.

  1. Avoid overcrowding

Sure, placing large flowering plants in a smaller container may create a big visual effect, but will they actually thrive in that smaller container? Large garden plants can only truly thrive in larger spaces, so it might be best to avoid planting that campanula latifolia in a small container!

  1. Don’t forget to care for your plants

Planting is only the start of the journey, as plants need care to continue to thrive in their environment. Be sure to check them for adequate moisture, adding water if they appear to be drying out. What’s more, it’s important to periodically feed your annual and ornaments with fertiliser and trim them back to keep them aligned with their pot partners!